Don’t be blind

Let us not be blind.
Let us not be a prey to a band of “powerful”, “pious” ,”perfect” persons who want us to work and fulfill their selfish purpose and for their profits.
Let us not forget our purpose in life,to heal,to give,to mend,to repair each other instead of hurting and breaking each other !
Let us not be victims to the politics and profits that is propagated in the name of religion.



Let them play in Nature,Let them be Kids


Completely Agree! Infact,I still love doing that being a Nature Lover. (So does Muhammad <3)

My favourite moments are:
-Sitting on the beach,close to the waters (not too close) where big waves come with great force and move me like I am so light and insignificant. The sand moving beneath me. Makes me think about the Creations of God that are more powerful than us humans. The hydroelectricity generated makes us think we can control the waters but then the tsunamis and floods bring us back to reality. Imagine if the creations of God are so powerful, how strong and powerful would God,the Creator be!

-Making Sand Castles with my siblings and digging deeply into the mud.
-Finding shells and small sticks in the mud.
-Getting my feet muddy in the sticky mud.
-Enjoying the Splash in the Puddles only when I’m not wearing new or favourite footwear in monsoons!
(When no one’s watching!: p)
I love playing with my baby brother,Muhammad. Alhamdolillah

My Grandfather

Yes,I am so happy for the fact that our nana,our daddy lived this life. Alhamdolillah.

Our Daddy was,
A Man who chose Principles,Purpose and Prayer over What will People say.
A Man of Gold with a Heart of Gold.
A Man who didn’t Talk much but Walked His Talk.
A Man whom the People feared to make upset or angry because they knew no falsehood or deceit would work or win him over.
A Man who always chose Quality over Quantity for himself and the people around him.
A Man who was a Perfectionist,who personified Ihsan (excellence).
A Man who was Tall,Dark,Handsome and a True Perfect Gentleman.
A Man who loved his sons and daughters equally and dealt with everyone justly.
A Man whose Walk,Appearence,Talk and everything he did made it clear that he was a man of purpose,a man on a mission,he knew well what he was doing and where he was going.
A Man who never made the distinction between the rich and the poor,the illiterate and the educated, the locals and the foreigners.
A Man who made it a point to attend every invitation he received from people,irrespective of their background for their happiness. The huge turnout at the funeral prayer and ceremony inspite of the weather yesterday is a proof of that.
A Man who we love,admire,respect and look upto. Our beloved daddy.

I pray to Allah that we,the children,grandchildren,great grandchildren and the generations to come continue this legacy this great humble man left behind for us. That we continue the traits of royalty, loyalty, truth,justice,humility, honesty,authenticity,sincerity, fear of Allah.
The World indeed has lost a precious gem,a healer,a benefactor.
Allah alone knows how many people he fed,how many people he clothed,how many he provided shelter to,how many he gave love and respect to.


Ya Allah, our daddy never wished harm to anyone,not even to those who hurt him. Ya Allah he always gave his best to everyone,family and others and made sure that their journey in this Duniya was taken care of. Oh Allah,Lord of the Worlds, I Call upon You,Beg You with all my heart and soul,please make his journey after death and in the Akhirah easy,please take care of it. Ya Allah,we entrust our beloved daddy to Your Care. Your Deen is True. Your Promise is True. Please take care of Your Slave,please Forgive all his sins,Please grant him Jannatul Firdos without hisab kitab.Please protect him from punishments in the grave and from the Hell Fire Please grant him high status in Jannah. Ameen

Don’t forget me !


Beautiful hadith.
Let us do something for our ancestors who have passed away from this world,the duniya to a better world,the akhirah.
Something that will be a sadqah jariyah for them and for yourself too.
So,what is it that you intend to do ?
Start thinking and planning today.
I have started. What about you?


Politics. Family Politics.

I fear it. I am against it. I dislike it so much.
I mean “Family” Politics !
The Politics that takes place in the Family (any family).

It has No Rules.
It is Unpredictable.
It has No Media Coverage.
It has No Celebrities.
It has No Eligibility Criteria.

Yet,it is the Most Dangerous form of Politics.
Practised in almost every family.
The Crimes go Unnoticed. The Victims suffering may go Unnoticed.
The Criminals Unknown and Unpunished. At times Unknown.

Are you aware of it ?
What’s your stance on this ?
What do you think ?

What a Cold Does?

What does a sore throat, a blocked and running nose, a severe headache, heavy eyelids, mild shivering, a slight temperature do ? (I asked that yesterday)


1.It reminds me and makes me reflect on Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) advise to: “Take benefit of 5 before 5:Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before you are preoccupied, and your life before your death” (Narrated by Ibn Abbas and reported by Al Hakim)

Good health is something we take for granted. Only when you are sick and you have a hard time doing work,eat,drink,read,pray,study do you realize that how wonderful it was when you were healthy,how smoothly things went but you didn’t appreciate it so much then.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) rightly said, “There are two blessings which many people waste: health and free time.” (reported by Ibn Abbas,Sahih Bukhari)

2.It encourages me to keep “running” back to God.

When we are sick,we think of God more than we normally do. I think about all the mistakes I’ve made,all the wrong things I’ve done,all the times I became heedless and forgot God,forgot my purpose. I think what if it gets worse,what if something serious is diagnosed.

You may say what will a cold do? How silly it is and how dumb to think so much? My friends, last few weeks I’ve heard of sicknesses and deaths of many people and what may look like “just a cold or fever” or “just a wound” or “nothing great” led to serious and severe consequences. My mind is flooded with images of the descriptions I’ve heard.

3.When you’re seriously sick,you don’t feel like doing much,you tend to lose interest in doing something at a stretch. You may feel sleepy or lazy often. What do you do? Lie on the bed all the time? Do you feel like watching movies/serials,using phone/tablet/ipads/laptops,playing games,listening to music etc?

I don’t think using or doing that for long helps. It is better to be moderate.

This is what I do. I try to follow my routine,do as much as I can and plan resting time when I start feeling weak. My duties,roles and responsibilities,at home or at work are mine. I must do it myself. That helps build trust,to strengthen relationships at home and at work. (Understand this.By giving all your energy to work and nothing at all to the family is wrong. Even if you are earning “for them.” )

That will give me a sense of satisfaction.That makes me feel less gulity because I did what I could, the rest isn’t possible for me. When you are sincere,honest and genuine,God may put love in the hearts of the people and you’ll be well looked after,well taken care of.

Lying down when I’m tired,I think of how this illness, this experience can help me be a better person. I try to connect things in my life that I didn’t pay attention to because now “I have the time” (sometimes we say,”but I don’t have the time!”). I try to think,to reflect on how I can put it across as a message,an inspiration or reflection to share with others through my social media profiles or books or workshops.

Alhamdolillah I do have a workshop in mind. I love learning, researching,reflecting and connecting different topics/fields/subjects/issues together (through the different experiences I go through) to help people from different backgrounds connect to my message. (The uploaded workshop on past is an example of that). It’s so exciting! So much thinking and hard work and creativity required for creating content and activities). Well,not possible to write or note or start immediately but a so called negative experience must be turned into a positive one always,no matter what. This is what I believe. This is what I do. And I do it for the people around me too. Life is too short to be wasted brooding on the negative. And the purpose of “the negatives” is to help us “develop the positives” ! (Think about photography with old cameras 🙂

Now,You might think- “Why take all this so seriously? It’s not worth thinking about ? Come on,relax,stop thinking so much !”

Oh my friends,it is time you take it seriously, it is time you take your life seriously. If you don’t, you can be in serious trouble ! One day,you’ll regret it so much but you won’t be able to come back and fix things or your life !

You say it’s not worth talking about. My friend,God sends signs to us to “return to Him” through the painful, hurtful experiences that we go through. We know this- “To God we belong and to Him is our return.”

These experiences are not sent to break us but to build us,to help us build a better relationship with Him,to invest and build a better hereafter for ourselves.

Well indeed we return to God after death but if you want eternal happiness, eternal good health and success,you must return to God even when you’re alive. Every time you err,you sin,you make mistake immediately go back,return to Him. Ask for His Forgiveness, for Peace,for Good and Healthy mind,body and soul.

You say stop thinking so much. My friend, it is time you start thinking seriously today before it’s too late.

Who knows if we will be alive the next moment?
Who knows if we will be able to breathe the next moment?
Who knows if our heart will beat the next moment?
Who knows?

Not you. Not I. He does.
Before you return to Him after death.He wants you to return to Him while you are alive. He wants you to have a good life after death but it is you who has to prepare.It is you who has to work. It is you who has to make that effort. To run back to Him. To not let people or things block you from running back to Him.
And when you do that,this is what will happen.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said : God said,
“I am as My servant thinks (expects) I am. I am with him when he mentions Me. If he mentions Me to himself, I mention him to Myself; and if he mentions Me in an assembly, I mention him in an assembly greater than it. If he draws near to Me a hand’s length, I draw near to him an arm’s length.
And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed.’” -(Sahih Bukhari)

See,told you ! Imagine what that means.
How that will transform you !
How that will transform your life !
How that will transform the people around you !
How that will transform their life !

Home cleaning reflections

Often young people don’t want to clean their own homes/rooms/schools due to laziness or they feel it’s below their dignity to do such things.

For the last few days, my maids have been absent from work due to personal and family problems.
May Allah make it easy for them and all of us.

Alhamdulillah I got an opportunity to clean my home thoroughly since past few days and while doing so I had certain reflections.

1.Islam is a beautiful religion, a way of life. “Cleanliness is half of eeman (faith)” is a reminder for all of us as Muslims to maintain cleanliness in personal, home and work places.

A Clean Muslim, a Green Muslim can be a great role model of Islam for humanity.

2.How amazing it is that for everything you do, you can get rewards by having good intentions and motives to do it. Even cleanliness of your own self, your homes or any place for that matter.

How Great is our Lord, Allah, who has made a system of deeds where reward for good deeds is multiplied but punishment for sins is just as much as the person deserves. And Allah is so Forgiving, Kind, Loving that if we return to Him, seek His Repentance sincerely then He is ready to Forgive us. Subhanallah!

3.Everyone can do cleaning but the intentions, the quality varies.

Some people clean because they have to or its part of their work like maids or sweepers.

Some people clean because it’s their place, they want it to look good and clean otherwise what will people say.

Some keep it clean because to them being clean is important.

And there are some who clean because they cannot see mess, dirt, around. Be it in the physical, intellectual or spiritual aspects. They want to clean up well every ditto they see with Allah’s Help!

Figure out which category you belong to!

First and Fast in driving and in life

I heard about an accident on the road where two cars were speeding, competing with each other to reach a certain point first.

In the process, one car turns over. Serious accident.

In life, we want to be first and fast.

First and fast to become rich, to become powerful, successful!
First and fast to get latest cars, gadgets, clothes and accessories!

What a waste!

Unhealthy competition for unhealthy things. No benefits in this world or the Hereafter.

A Muslim is one who competes, competes to do good deeds, outdo each other in giving charity, in helping others, in spreading knowledge.

And all this not for show off but to earn the pleasure of Allah, to make a positive impact on the world.

Good deeds done for show off not only deprive a person of rewards from Allah but also earn displeasure and punishment of Allah.

May Allah make us and keep us sincere in thoughts, words and actions.
May Allah accept all our efforts and striving in His Path. Ameen.

Society over Islam?

You can roam around, flirt and date a girl/boy or girls/boys before marriage and then get married to the girl/boy of your parents or society’s choice and be called an obedient boy/girl.

You don’t date,roam around with girls/boys but remain loyal to your future spouse, irrespective of whether you know who it is or you don’t. Or if in your teens or youth you made mistakes but sincerely repented to Allah and mend your ways. And you don’t agree with your parents or society’s choice and pray to Allah that you get the person of your choice (in terms of deen and character). You can be called disobedient, you can be questioned for your choice because it doesn’t agree with the way society or the world wants or thinks.

But you know there is nothing to worry. The society, the world expects from and of people, their thinking, their vision is narrow. They want materialistic gains.

You as a Muslim, are different. You expect from Allah. Your vision as a Muslim is far sighted. You want the Duniya and the Akhirah, success in both worlds. More than anything you can have the help of Allah, when you seek His Help, when you strive.

Use the power of dua you have. Being a Muslim, you are so blessed. If you are sincere and striving in the path of Allah then no one can harm you,in sha Allah.

Society and people and the world will be powerless when you seek the help of All Almighty, All Powerful, Allah, the Greatest and when you follow and serve His deen, in sha Allah.

Choose Islam over culture, society and the world and see the difference you become and the difference you make in the world, in sha Allah!!