Bio: I Am like the element Hydrogen (from the periodic table): First (to lead in matters that benefit self and others) Flexible (friendly and approachable) Fuel (solution oriented). I Love Cycling and Cricket,Learning and Reflection,Teaching and Talking (public speaking). I Know I Err,I Fall but I Look for Inspiration above and around to get back,Repent,Rise and Reform myself to start anew each time. I Believe in Making the Most of every Moment because My Life is a Message and Mission to Make a Positive Difference. I Will always Aspire to be a Good Teacher,Public Speaker,Social Worker and above all a Believer in the One True God and Goodness. I Want to Share my Story and Skills,Talents and Journey with the World,to Lead myself and others and to Help you do the same. Check out : YouEd-Empowering YOU to LEAD

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