Yearning for Hajj


I yearn for hajj each year. May Allah fulfill my dream! I am grateful to Allah for granting me the opportunity twice for umrah with family but hajj is really special .May Allah forgive our sins and accept our efforts and worship! Aameen ! Allahu Akbar !

Ya Allah,I yearn to see,feel and be inspired by your Beautiful Cities of Makkah and Madinah, by the pilgrims from diverse backgrounds,nations and speaking different languages but bowing to the same One God! I yearn to have that energy and enthusiasm again to rush to the Masjid for Salah,the excitement to do wudhu in Haram and help others do the same by pressing the taps,to drink zamzam and serve other strangers to receive a smile,thank you or prayer,sometimes the pat or hug!

I yearn to do tawwaf and saee with so many people around me doing the same,watching the kids excited and running faster,the slow or struggling walk of the ill or the elderly-all trying to do their best to earn the pleasure of their Rabb.The feeling,the experience and the transformation each time-I miss your House, my Lord. Please call me again,soon.


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