The Shortest Talk I gave on Teacher’s Day


The Shortest Talk I gave on Teacher’s Day+Fresher’s Day+Farewell Party ! (As an Ex-Student)

A very Good Afternoon to my Dearest Teachers and my Dear Friends.

You see the person standing and speaking in front of you. Who is she?
I’ll speak for myself.

I am Madiha. I am who God,my Parents and my Teachers have made me.

Teachers-the wonderful souls who make an impact on our lives.
A teacher who made such a deep impact and left a mark on my life,my soul is none other than I.S.Ma’am. One of the most Remarkable Teachers, Human Beings, Inspirations and Role Models for me.

Along with Botany,I.S.Ma’am taught me 3 great life lessons that I remember till today.

1.When we enter college, we have a set of Ideas,Dreams, Goals and Aspirations and by the time we leave,it undergoes a big transformation. For many,the aim is Education for Career but I.S.Ma’am taught me that Education is for Life. What you learn in this School,you must apply in the School of Life and it must make deep sense to you.

When Ma’am taught me Photosynthesis, I thought about Social Change. So studying Photosynthesis led me to developing a theory for Social Change. This I have described in detail in my book.(I explained it briefly there)

2.Character and Career in relation to Success.
Ma’am told me focus and work harder to build a Good Character and a Great Career will build up too. But if you think of working harder on building a Great Career and think,” Oh,I will think about Good Character when I grow old -then my friends,it won’t work,it won’t happen.”

What’s the point of Professional Success when there is no Personal Success,no Satisfaction?

3.We may all Enter College with the same aim but when we leave College and Enter Life,we may have different paths,different dreams, aspirations and goals.

This is what Ma’am had told me,”Your aim in life is not to have the same journey as your Batchmates, Juniors or Seniors. Your aim must be to Live and Love your own unique journey. Each of us have a unique purpose to fulfill in life and your focus must be to work and to realize your full potential.”

In the beginning I asked you,”Who am I?”
I am who God,my Parents and my Teachers have made me.

I’m working hard not to find the Man of my Dreams but to Become the Woman of my Dreams.
Yes,I am who I Choose to Be.
I took the Road I wanted to Travel.
I took the Road less Travelled by and that has made all the Difference.

Thank you I.S.Ma’am for Making a Difference,
Thank you Ma’am for Being the Difference!


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