Smartphone and Smart Kids


Exactly ! Let us teach children to clean up their own mess,to help out their parents especially mothers with housework,to do their own work as much as possible or atleast to involve them instead of saying,
“I don’t want people to think I can’t afford a maid.” or
“Why will my children do work? I’m there to do that.” or
“They must be tired after school or tuitions. They need rest.”

Letting them do their own work or involving them in the work will:
-Teach them important Skills in Life-cooperation,team work,leadership,confidence,equality,unity and others.
-Help them to understand how much effort and time is involved and to appreciate their parents efforts.
-When they’ll have to clean up the mess,they will have the tendency to create less mess.
-Rest is necessary. Using smart phones or gadgets for a long time will make them more lazy and can cause harm. There must be a time limit to play and have fun this way. By helping out,they are doing physical exercise which will benefit them more.


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