My Grandfather

Yes,I am so happy for the fact that our nana,our daddy lived this life. Alhamdolillah.

Our Daddy was,
A Man who chose Principles,Purpose and Prayer over What will People say.
A Man of Gold with a Heart of Gold.
A Man who didn’t Talk much but Walked His Talk.
A Man whom the People feared to make upset or angry because they knew no falsehood or deceit would work or win him over.
A Man who always chose Quality over Quantity for himself and the people around him.
A Man who was a Perfectionist,who personified Ihsan (excellence).
A Man who was Tall,Dark,Handsome and a True Perfect Gentleman.
A Man who loved his sons and daughters equally and dealt with everyone justly.
A Man whose Walk,Appearence,Talk and everything he did made it clear that he was a man of purpose,a man on a mission,he knew well what he was doing and where he was going.
A Man who never made the distinction between the rich and the poor,the illiterate and the educated, the locals and the foreigners.
A Man who made it a point to attend every invitation he received from people,irrespective of their background for their happiness. The huge turnout at the funeral prayer and ceremony inspite of the weather yesterday is a proof of that.
A Man who we love,admire,respect and look upto. Our beloved daddy.

I pray to Allah that we,the children,grandchildren,great grandchildren and the generations to come continue this legacy this great humble man left behind for us. That we continue the traits of royalty, loyalty, truth,justice,humility, honesty,authenticity,sincerity, fear of Allah.
The World indeed has lost a precious gem,a healer,a benefactor.
Allah alone knows how many people he fed,how many people he clothed,how many he provided shelter to,how many he gave love and respect to.


Ya Allah, our daddy never wished harm to anyone,not even to those who hurt him. Ya Allah he always gave his best to everyone,family and others and made sure that their journey in this Duniya was taken care of. Oh Allah,Lord of the Worlds, I Call upon You,Beg You with all my heart and soul,please make his journey after death and in the Akhirah easy,please take care of it. Ya Allah,we entrust our beloved daddy to Your Care. Your Deen is True. Your Promise is True. Please take care of Your Slave,please Forgive all his sins,Please grant him Jannatul Firdos without hisab kitab.Please protect him from punishments in the grave and from the Hell Fire Please grant him high status in Jannah. Ameen


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