Let them play in Nature,Let them be Kids


Completely Agree! Infact,I still love doing that being a Nature Lover. (So does Muhammad <3)

My favourite moments are:
-Sitting on the beach,close to the waters (not too close) where big waves come with great force and move me like I am so light and insignificant. The sand moving beneath me. Makes me think about the Creations of God that are more powerful than us humans. The hydroelectricity generated makes us think we can control the waters but then the tsunamis and floods bring us back to reality. Imagine if the creations of God are so powerful, how strong and powerful would God,the Creator be!

-Making Sand Castles with my siblings and digging deeply into the mud.
-Finding shells and small sticks in the mud.
-Getting my feet muddy in the sticky mud.
-Enjoying the Splash in the Puddles only when I’m not wearing new or favourite footwear in monsoons!
(When no one’s watching!: p)
I love playing with my baby brother,Muhammad. Alhamdolillah


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