First and Fast in driving and in life

I heard about an accident on the road where two cars were speeding, competing with each other to reach a certain point first.

In the process, one car turns over. Serious accident.

In life, we want to be first and fast.

First and fast to become rich, to become powerful, successful!
First and fast to get latest cars, gadgets, clothes and accessories!

What a waste!

Unhealthy competition for unhealthy things. No benefits in this world or the Hereafter.

A Muslim is one who competes, competes to do good deeds, outdo each other in giving charity, in helping others, in spreading knowledge.

And all this not for show off but to earn the pleasure of Allah, to make a positive impact on the world.

Good deeds done for show off not only deprive a person of rewards from Allah but also earn displeasure and punishment of Allah.

May Allah make us and keep us sincere in thoughts, words and actions.
May Allah accept all our efforts and striving in His Path. Ameen.


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