Home cleaning reflections

Often young people don’t want to clean their own homes/rooms/schools due to laziness or they feel it’s below their dignity to do such things.

For the last few days, my maids have been absent from work due to personal and family problems.
May Allah make it easy for them and all of us.

Alhamdulillah I got an opportunity to clean my home thoroughly since past few days and while doing so I had certain reflections.

1.Islam is a beautiful religion, a way of life. “Cleanliness is half of eeman (faith)” is a reminder for all of us as Muslims to maintain cleanliness in personal, home and work places.

A Clean Muslim, a Green Muslim can be a great role model of Islam for humanity.

2.How amazing it is that for everything you do, you can get rewards by having good intentions and motives to do it. Even cleanliness of your own self, your homes or any place for that matter.

How Great is our Lord, Allah, who has made a system of deeds where reward for good deeds is multiplied but punishment for sins is just as much as the person deserves. And Allah is so Forgiving, Kind, Loving that if we return to Him, seek His Repentance sincerely then He is ready to Forgive us. Subhanallah!

3.Everyone can do cleaning but the intentions, the quality varies.

Some people clean because they have to or its part of their work like maids or sweepers.

Some people clean because it’s their place, they want it to look good and clean otherwise what will people say.

Some keep it clean because to them being clean is important.

And there are some who clean because they cannot see mess, dirt, around. Be it in the physical, intellectual or spiritual aspects. They want to clean up well every ditto they see with Allah’s Help!

Figure out which category you belong to!


First and Fast in driving and in life

I heard about an accident on the road where two cars were speeding, competing with each other to reach a certain point first.

In the process, one car turns over. Serious accident.

In life, we want to be first and fast.

First and fast to become rich, to become powerful, successful!
First and fast to get latest cars, gadgets, clothes and accessories!

What a waste!

Unhealthy competition for unhealthy things. No benefits in this world or the Hereafter.

A Muslim is one who competes, competes to do good deeds, outdo each other in giving charity, in helping others, in spreading knowledge.

And all this not for show off but to earn the pleasure of Allah, to make a positive impact on the world.

Good deeds done for show off not only deprive a person of rewards from Allah but also earn displeasure and punishment of Allah.

May Allah make us and keep us sincere in thoughts, words and actions.
May Allah accept all our efforts and striving in His Path. Ameen.