Society over Islam?

You can roam around, flirt and date a girl/boy or girls/boys before marriage and then get married to the girl/boy of your parents or society’s choice and be called an obedient boy/girl.

You don’t date,roam around with girls/boys but remain loyal to your future spouse, irrespective of whether you know who it is or you don’t. Or if in your teens or youth you made mistakes but sincerely repented to Allah and mend your ways. And you don’t agree with your parents or society’s choice and pray to Allah that you get the person of your choice (in terms of deen and character). You can be called disobedient, you can be questioned for your choice because it doesn’t agree with the way society or the world wants or thinks.

But you know there is nothing to worry. The society, the world expects from and of people, their thinking, their vision is narrow. They want materialistic gains.

You as a Muslim, are different. You expect from Allah. Your vision as a Muslim is far sighted. You want the Duniya and the Akhirah, success in both worlds. More than anything you can have the help of Allah, when you seek His Help, when you strive.

Use the power of dua you have. Being a Muslim, you are so blessed. If you are sincere and striving in the path of Allah then no one can harm you,in sha Allah.

Society and people and the world will be powerless when you seek the help of All Almighty, All Powerful, Allah, the Greatest and when you follow and serve His deen, in sha Allah.

Choose Islam over culture, society and the world and see the difference you become and the difference you make in the world, in sha Allah!!