Cooking reflection #1

Cooking reflection #1

I was preparing dahi puchkas during Ramadan,before iftar and I observed how hard the puchkas were.

Before breaking fast I was making duas.

After breaking fast, while eating dahi puchkas, I realised that these very hard things became soft and so easy to eat. It was just the way I would enjoy eating. Alhamdulillah.

I realised, I felt comforted at that very moment,I was reminded that Allah softens hard hearts, hearts that are hardened, that do not agree to facilitate or help in deen work or important decisions pertaining to deen.

I felt happy and blessed that Allah put that thought into my mind and I felt happy that no matter what happens, if we keep striving in the path of Allah, to seek the pleasure of Allah, making dua to Allah, He will facilitate doing good deeds for us, He will give us the strength to overcome challenges we face in life, He will aid us and make way where there seems to be no way, in sha Allah!!

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Culture pride

So many things that are not right in the world,the society today need to change. One of those things is the community and the cultural pride, the superiority complex that people of different culture people develop and start looking down on others.

Unity of the ummah, brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam is given very little significance. Very unfortunate, very sad. We forget the words of our beloved Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad sallAllahu alayhi wasallam, that Arab is not superior over non Arab except in piety. This can be applied to the culture pride issue I mentioned.

There will always be those who propagate their evil ideologies and philosophies and ideas.

Be you of those who pursue the vision of the Prophet Muhammad sallAllahu alayhi wasallam and the sahabahs, to unite the ummah, to strengthen the ummah, to be the winds of change and to fight and strive in the path of Allah and against all evils.

Be you of those who work hard, who are patient and persistent and optimistic and determined to bring change for the better, for the sake of Allah!

May Allah guide us and inspire us with His deen to inspire others and bring change!