Budg budg reflections

Budge Budge trip
Reflection #1

Allah chooses people

Alhamdulillah it’s amazing, it’s Allah’s mercy on you that He chooses you for His deen work. You could have been doing wrong stuff and be at the wrong places with the wrong people.

It’s a blessing, it’s a responsibility when you are chosen by Him. You can not be lazy and do things half heartedly. You can’t boast and say I did it.

No really, Allah chose you, Allah gave you the opportunity. Be humble. Thank Allah. Do more voluntary acts of worship.

Ask Allah. Thank Allah. In sha Allah,Allah will give you more and bless you with more opportunities and facilitate good deeds for you. In sha Allah. Ameen.

Budge Budge
Reflection #2

You can not blame

Alhamdulillah many sisters are brothers and practising islam while their family – spouse, parents, kids and others may not be doing.

That does not mean that it’s a fault in them. There is this tendency among people -“Oh you are so religious, you don’t do this or you do that or you stop people from doing wrong, but look at your ____.”

Really! Who are we to say that. Seriously, you have no clue what people go through at times, they might be struggling and doing their best but remember it is mans duty to convey. Allah guides. Moreover if the person chooses not to see the good. You can not force!

Own people, own family and friends can be a great test! Why make it difficult and demotivating for individuals who are striving!!

Rather encourage and motivate people to strive and not feel hopeless or down. Encourage them to try and try with them. In sha Allah!

Heal and not hurt.

Reflection #3

What you see, becomes a part of your thoughts and actions

Looking at the beautiful creations of Allah, one can only marvel and be amazed and inspired. Subhanallah!

There is a hidden message in the sunrise, the sunset, the clouds floating in the sky, animals grazing, birds flying, wind blowing the leaves, wind hitting on the face.

Looking at the clear sky above, you feel so low and insignificant because imagine this sky is vast, you can not measure it, it’s depth or any aspect of it. Imagine if this is the creation, imagine the greatness, the might, the majesty of the Creator. Subhanallah!

Looking at these things, the heart finds relief that if the creation is so beautiful, so inspiring, imagine how great is its creator!! Looking at them, you get inspiring thoughts and inspired too do great things in life.

Allah, the All Mighty, the All Wise is your Rabb! Your Lord, your Creator! He will take care of you, your life, your dreams, your goals. All you have to do is keep striving, keep praying, keep working hard. Trust Him and work to please Him. Benefit others for His Sake.

On the other hand, if you look at filthy stuff – the movies, the serials, the porn videos, looking at all that junk, the Trash – your thoughts and actions become like that. Your mind will wonder and think on those lines every now and then. It will make you unproductive, a problem rather than solution in the society, the world you live in.

Why would you want to be a problem, when you can very well be the solution??