Quotes BuroojR

You may dislike what people do but love them because love and concern for people will bring change. In sha Allah
‪#‎BuroojR‬ ‪#‎change

Log de ya na de, Allah to dega aur sabke dil bhi badlega. In sha Allah.
‪#‎BuroojR‬ ‪#‎Windsofchange‬

Remember change begins with you. Greatest revolutions start with yourself, changing yourself.
Be the winds of change!
‪#‎youth‬. ‪#‎BuroojR‬

Let the high thinking and higher sense of purpose and vision of Islam amaze the rich and the educated. Let the simplicity and humility of Islam amaze the uneducated and poor.
‪#‎Ilm‬ ‪#‎akhlaq‬. ‪#‎BuroojR‬
‪#‎youth‬ ‪#‎dawah‬

Love for the sake of Allah and concern for others has great potential to transform lives. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him changed lives, he cared for humanity. He made a difference.

Let us strive to be individuals who love and care for the sake of Allah and in sha Allah we too will make a difference!

Young and striving is better than old and whining! may Allah make us all productive youth, with a vision and a mission.
‪#‎BuroojR‬ ‪#‎youth

People can disunite you to serve their own cause.
Allah can unite you to serve His deen and his cause. Ask Allah for help. May Allah unite us all to strive in His Path and may Allah grant us the status we once had to lead the world to the straight path, to the light of Islam, to the justice and truth of Islam. Ameen ‬


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