Burooj Angels Najm star

Burooj Angels Najm star

Khadijah is a 13 year old Najm student. She has an outreach programme from school on a Saturday morning to visit children suffering from diseases like cerebral palsy and others.

She is enthusiastic and wants to organise activities for the children there. So she plans and shares with her friends on whatsapp and informs her teacher on phone and leads it .

Once she reaches there, few classmates tell her to remove her scarf because it is not part of uniform. She says she won’t and yes the girls who have kept their hair open or tied pony tail are also not in uniform. Smart answer, ma sha Allah!

Ma sha Allah, these are our Najm stars, leading activities, taking initiatives to make a difference and becoming daees in the places they go! Alhamdulillah.

Khadijah has also won annual karate competitions in the city -top 3, ma sha Allah in loose clothing and head covered. Green belt presently.

Also conducting karate camps and helping to conduct summer camps in burooj events for kids. Ma sha Allah!

Alhamdulillah. Burooj Angels making kids, teens and youth confident about their identity, creating leaders through education.

Join us in making a difference! Join or Start one in your city!

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