Burooj Angels making a difference

Every Saturday after Burooj Angels class, I feel grateful to Allah for making me part of something that is making a positive difference in the world,Alhamdulillah.

As an ex student and even now as a teacher at Burooj Angels , I am learning and it’s a beautiful experience. Alhamdulillah.

Every Saturday after Burooj Angels class, after preparing the lesson during the week, I feel certain that in sha Allah these kids I am teaching are going to be the winds of change wherever they are and wherever they go.

I recall and share with you certain thoughts and reflections and experiences with my students in the past one year. Age group of my students -9-11 years.

1.After studying Surah Takathur, one student said, When I grow up I will buy a smaller house and give some amount to a poor family so that they can have a house too.

2.I wonder why the Boy in Surah Burooj story went back to the king when he was saved by Allah. Why didn’t he run away?  I want to be brave like that boy.

3.Identifying surahs covered in previous 2 manuals as makki and madani surahs confidently.

4.If jinns are made from fire, why is punishment for them hell too?

5.Why do we say Muhammadur Rasulullah in the Shahadah? And not other prophets name.

6.After reading about Ahlus suffah. One boy was excited and he said, Api, we are Ahle Burooj Angels! 🙂

7.Why don’t we have Burooj Angels 5 days a week and school on weekends? What fun then.

8.Exams are fun.Please tell us when is our next exam.

9.Api, I am the only one who calls my cousin Abdul along with his name because it is a name of Allah.

10.After studying about Abu Hurairah ra fondness for kittens and him being called father of kittens, one of the students said -I always help people but they don’t help me. I am, Zahra Ahmad, the Helpful Girl. I love helping people.

11.One student if absent for some reason,is excited to know everything that happened in class and update her scrapbook!!

Alhamdulillah so many incidents to share but I have summarised it in 11 points.

Alhamdulillah,with Allah’s help we are making a difference in the lives of children and youth. Alhamdulillah for Islam and for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of Burooj Angels and serving the Deen of Allah through this platform.

Join us. Be a part of the change, in sha Allah.

Register your kids and teens at the nearest Burooj Angels centre in your city. Or if there isn’t one, start one in your city!

Email: star@burooj.org or inbox me 🙂


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