Feeding Kids

Muhammad was having lunch and Alhamdulillah today I recalled all the moments when I had served food to Muhammad since he starting taking solid food.

I remember each time, I was careful,aware of what he was eating and how he was eating. Just to make sure he is not harmed in any way.

I thought :
As parents, caretakers,guardians of children, we are so careful and worried about what they eat and how they eat, about their physical growth, Alhamdulillah.
Similarly we need to ponder on the fact: Are we equally concerned about their spiritual growth?  Are we keeping a check on their progress as human beings, slaves of Allah, whether they are growing closer to Allah or away from Him?  Are we making sure and trying our best to be good role models to them, someone they can emulate? Are we guiding them to the truth or falsehood and false desires?

Time to reflect!  In sha Allah!

May Allah guide us and make us an inspiration and role model for the children we are guardians or parents or caretakers of!


Early morning reflections

Early morning as I woke up,I opened my eyes and loved the feeling,the warmth of sun rays on my face, the glow Alhamdulillah.

I was the only one receiving the light. I thought, it is time to wake up yourself. It is time to wake others up. In sha Allah.

The world is suffering from darkness of shirk and evil. People are asleep, they have forgotten their purpose, they are asleep not concerned about what happens to others as long as they are happy and having fun. People are still stuck in old and useless cultural norms and traditions.

It’s time to wake up yourself and others. You have the light -light of Islam. The beauty and warmth of this beautiful light has the potential to wake up people, arouse people and make them purpose driven, to live a life of purpose. To be inspired by the light, to inspire after being inspired.