Ask Allah only you won’t be disappointed

When you ask people for help they get annoyed, when you ask people too much, they get fed up and annoyed.

When you ask Allah for help, when you ask Allah too much, there are miracles, there are revolutions. Allah will respond, Allah will grant you what you desire!

Ask Allah and you will never, never be disappointed! In sha Allah

Feeding Kids

Muhammad was having lunch and Alhamdulillah today I recalled all the moments when I had served food to Muhammad since he starting taking solid food.

I remember each time, I was careful,aware of what he was eating and how he was eating. Just to make sure he is not harmed in any way.

I thought :
As parents, caretakers,guardians of children, we are so careful and worried about what they eat and how they eat, about their physical growth, Alhamdulillah.
Similarly we need to ponder on the fact: Are we equally concerned about their spiritual growth?  Are we keeping a check on their progress as human beings, slaves of Allah, whether they are growing closer to Allah or away from Him?  Are we making sure and trying our best to be good role models to them, someone they can emulate? Are we guiding them to the truth or falsehood and false desires?

Time to reflect!  In sha Allah!

May Allah guide us and make us an inspiration and role model for the children we are guardians or parents or caretakers of!

BuroojR posts

We can learn so much from people. Alhamdulillah.
We can learn to love rather than hate.
We can learn to be sweet rather than bitter.
We can learn to be gentle rather than rude.
We can learn to be understanding rather than judging others.
We can learn to unite rather than break up people.

Alhamdulillah for Islam. Be unique. Be Muslim.

Whenever I am confused or wondering about how to make a topic or subject interesting during the assessment in my teacher training course or generally , I remind myself that I am a Burooj Angels ex student and teacher, Alhamdulillah.

I think hard and try to figure out keeping in mind what we at Burooj Angels believe in –

We take fun seriously!
Burooj Angels -ilm and akhlaq!
Learning and having fun the Burooj way Alhamdulillah!

And Alhamdulillah the results have been amazing, ma sha Allah!

Alhamdulillah for Islam and for the blessing of serving Islam and working for it through the platform of Burooj Angels!

Proud to be a Burooj Angels youth!….


It is easy to start but difficult to maintain! Patience and perseverance are essential to leave behind a legacy! ‪#‎BuroojR‬ ‬

BuroojR tweets

Why make people cry when you can make them smile and bring joy and happiness to them?
Happiness is infectious. Be a carrier.

You can complain, make excuses and be a Loser.
You can strive and change the way things are with Allah’s help for the better and be a Winner!

Losers let it happen.
Winners make it happen.
Allah +hard work =success! In sha Allah
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Log de ya na de, Allah to dega aur sabke dil bhi badlega. In sha Allah.
‪#‎BuroojR‬ ‪#‎Windsofchange‬

You may dislike what people do but love them because love and concern for people will bring change. In sha Allah
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Let the high thinking and higher sense of purpose and vision of Islam amaze the rich and the educated. Let the simplicity and humility of Islam amaze the uneducated and poor.
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Young and striving is better than old and whining! may Allah make us all productive youth, with a vision and a mission.
‪#‎BuroojR‬ ‪#‎youth‬

I was a youth, an ordinary youth,
I had so many thoughts and often confused.
And then came Burooj Angels into my life,
And made me who I am -a youth,a Muslim youth, with a vision and a mission!


Early morning reflections

Early morning as I woke up,I opened my eyes and loved the feeling,the warmth of sun rays on my face, the glow Alhamdulillah.

I was the only one receiving the light. I thought, it is time to wake up yourself. It is time to wake others up. In sha Allah.

The world is suffering from darkness of shirk and evil. People are asleep, they have forgotten their purpose, they are asleep not concerned about what happens to others as long as they are happy and having fun. People are still stuck in old and useless cultural norms and traditions.

It’s time to wake up yourself and others. You have the light -light of Islam. The beauty and warmth of this beautiful light has the potential to wake up people, arouse people and make them purpose driven, to live a life of purpose. To be inspired by the light, to inspire after being inspired.

Burooj Angels Najm star

Burooj Angels Najm star

Khadijah is a 13 year old Najm student. She has an outreach programme from school on a Saturday morning to visit children suffering from diseases like cerebral palsy and others.

She is enthusiastic and wants to organise activities for the children there. So she plans and shares with her friends on whatsapp and informs her teacher on phone and leads it .

Once she reaches there, few classmates tell her to remove her scarf because it is not part of uniform. She says she won’t and yes the girls who have kept their hair open or tied pony tail are also not in uniform. Smart answer, ma sha Allah!

Ma sha Allah, these are our Najm stars, leading activities, taking initiatives to make a difference and becoming daees in the places they go! Alhamdulillah.

Khadijah has also won annual karate competitions in the city -top 3, ma sha Allah in loose clothing and head covered. Green belt presently.

Also conducting karate camps and helping to conduct summer camps in burooj events for kids. Ma sha Allah!

Alhamdulillah. Burooj Angels making kids, teens and youth confident about their identity, creating leaders through education.

Join us in making a difference! Join or Start one in your city!

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Quotes BuroojR

You may dislike what people do but love them because love and concern for people will bring change. In sha Allah
‪#‎BuroojR‬ ‪#‎change

Log de ya na de, Allah to dega aur sabke dil bhi badlega. In sha Allah.
‪#‎BuroojR‬ ‪#‎Windsofchange‬

Remember change begins with you. Greatest revolutions start with yourself, changing yourself.
Be the winds of change!
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Let the high thinking and higher sense of purpose and vision of Islam amaze the rich and the educated. Let the simplicity and humility of Islam amaze the uneducated and poor.
‪#‎Ilm‬ ‪#‎akhlaq‬. ‪#‎BuroojR‬
‪#‎youth‬ ‪#‎dawah‬

Love for the sake of Allah and concern for others has great potential to transform lives. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him changed lives, he cared for humanity. He made a difference.

Let us strive to be individuals who love and care for the sake of Allah and in sha Allah we too will make a difference!

Young and striving is better than old and whining! may Allah make us all productive youth, with a vision and a mission.
‪#‎BuroojR‬ ‪#‎youth

People can disunite you to serve their own cause.
Allah can unite you to serve His deen and his cause. Ask Allah for help. May Allah unite us all to strive in His Path and may Allah grant us the status we once had to lead the world to the straight path, to the light of Islam, to the justice and truth of Islam. Ameen ‬

How burooj angels changed my life

Allah changed my life after I joined burooj angels as a student. I was that school girl who shivered to speak in the mic in assembly. After I joined burooj n learned about islam, I have judged and organised events in Jewish girls school. Organised workshop to motivate youth in convent schools, panelist in college programme on women and social issues, now conducting burooj angels workshop and events.

Allah changed my life through burooj n today Alhamdulillah I am proud to b a Muslim youth, I will make a difference. In sha Allah

Burooj Angels making a difference

Every Saturday after Burooj Angels class, I feel grateful to Allah for making me part of something that is making a positive difference in the world,Alhamdulillah.

As an ex student and even now as a teacher at Burooj Angels , I am learning and it’s a beautiful experience. Alhamdulillah.

Every Saturday after Burooj Angels class, after preparing the lesson during the week, I feel certain that in sha Allah these kids I am teaching are going to be the winds of change wherever they are and wherever they go.

I recall and share with you certain thoughts and reflections and experiences with my students in the past one year. Age group of my students -9-11 years.

1.After studying Surah Takathur, one student said, When I grow up I will buy a smaller house and give some amount to a poor family so that they can have a house too.

2.I wonder why the Boy in Surah Burooj story went back to the king when he was saved by Allah. Why didn’t he run away?  I want to be brave like that boy.

3.Identifying surahs covered in previous 2 manuals as makki and madani surahs confidently.

4.If jinns are made from fire, why is punishment for them hell too?

5.Why do we say Muhammadur Rasulullah in the Shahadah? And not other prophets name.

6.After reading about Ahlus suffah. One boy was excited and he said, Api, we are Ahle Burooj Angels! 🙂

7.Why don’t we have Burooj Angels 5 days a week and school on weekends? What fun then.

8.Exams are fun.Please tell us when is our next exam.

9.Api, I am the only one who calls my cousin Abdul along with his name because it is a name of Allah.

10.After studying about Abu Hurairah ra fondness for kittens and him being called father of kittens, one of the students said -I always help people but they don’t help me. I am, Zahra Ahmad, the Helpful Girl. I love helping people.

11.One student if absent for some reason,is excited to know everything that happened in class and update her scrapbook!!

Alhamdulillah so many incidents to share but I have summarised it in 11 points.

Alhamdulillah,with Allah’s help we are making a difference in the lives of children and youth. Alhamdulillah for Islam and for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of Burooj Angels and serving the Deen of Allah through this platform.

Join us. Be a part of the change, in sha Allah.

Register your kids and teens at the nearest Burooj Angels centre in your city. Or if there isn’t one, start one in your city!

Email: or inbox me 🙂