Quotes by me

Parents -whatever you do consciously, your children will do unconsciously! Be a role model!

Whats the difference between 🙂 and ;)?
Eyes make the difference. You see “vision ” is what makes a difference !

Halal love beautifies your character and soul. Haram love destroys both!

Dare to have a vision. Dare to dream. Impossibilities are imaginary, with Allah’s help all things are possible, in sha Allah

The haram might give you temporary pleasure but the halal will give you everlasting, Eternal pleasure, in sha Allah!

Be so sincere in your cause that people and institutions trust you and want u in their lives to know God, to know hope, peace and progress

ove for the sake of Allah and concern for others has great potential to transform lives. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him changed lives, he cared for humanity. He made a difference.

Let us strive to be individuals who love and care for the sake of Allah and in sha Allah we too will make a difference!

Let the high thinking and higher sense of purpose and vision of Islam amaze the rich and the educated. Let the simplicity and humility of Islam amaze the uneducated and poor.
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