Muhammads first day earthquake experience

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Madiha Ahmed
Muhammad’s experience on the first day of earthquake

On the first day, the earthquake occurred, after tremors, it started raining.

Muhammad had felt the tremors too. He was frightened and asked,”Are we all going to die? ”

He heard the elders in the family talk that it is because of sins and Allah is punishing us because we are disobedient to Him.

When he saw it was raining he said, “Oh no,it might be rain of stones and fire like it happened for people of Lut alayhissalam! ”

I was amazed and wondering because he learnt in his Burooj Angels class about the story of Prophet Lut alayhissalam!!

He was told that we should ask Allah for Forgiveness and try our best to be good and obedient to Him.If we believe in Allah and be good and obedient to Him,Allah will save us like He saved Prophet Lut alayhissalam and the other believers. In sha Allah.

Alhamdulillah, Burooj Angels students are able to relate to the everyday or natural events with Islam. Ma sha Allah.

This is the beginning and part of the big change we want to make in the world, in sha Allah with Allah’s Help.

Join us in making a difference to the lives of children and youth.

Burooj Angels,learn Islam the fun way!

Find out if there is one in your city.


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