Natural calamity

Today no doubt that a natural calamity took place. May Allah protect us all.

There will be people with their phones and online all day, there will be people who will feel that wow a holiday, time to relax at home as nothing to do and no where to go, there will be people who will be shocked with the calamity and wonder.

Make sure you don’t belong to any of the above categories.

Yes,a calamity occured. Yes,the reaction was of shock. Yes,there was intense fear in our hearts.

It was a reminder to us all that this world is temporary. Any day could be our last. Any day, we could lose everything we have.

But what will remain is our belief in Allah, in Islam, what will remain with us are our good deeds. In sha Allah.

Every moment spent in this world, in this Duniya is precious and a means to invest in the Akhirah. Calamities come and go, some affect us and some don’t. Don’t be overwhelmed. To Allah we belong and to Him is our return. Everything happens according to His plan. Life and death is in His Hands.

The day He wills is our last day on earth, it will be. We have to keep striving,we have to realise the importance of every moment, every second, every minute, every hour,every day and every night of our life.

Let us sincerely ask Allah to forgive all our sins, let us sincerely reflect on our lives, what are we doing with our life, our health, our wealth, our youth, our free time. Are we prepared to answer Allah and are we confident that we can atleast say Allah, I tried my best with Your Help and Guidance?

May Allah guide us all.

Please reflect sisters and brothers.


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