A visit to the hospital

I visited a hospital today and I am grateful to Allah for some reflections and realisations I had, Alhamdulillah.

I saw an old lady who was in pain after chemotherapy and her son and other family members were consoling her. I saw the way the son kept assuring, “Ma,you will be fine. It is okay. ”

I saw a couple, the young woman on wheelchair crying in pain when she was offered the water containing medicine and her husband assuring her,”Dear, you will be good. Do you need anything Let’s wait for the doctor. ” The woman in pain waved and said,”No I hate you, I can’t take this anymore. Do something. ”

I saw an old couple, one calling up at home to ask for money because he was falling short of it.

I saw a young girl, a man supporting a tall man who walked like and appeared lifeless.

I saw nurses and staff running around taking wheelchairs and patients from one place to the other, some smiling and some gloomy, some irritated.

I saw friendship between a watchman and a staff who pushed wheelchairs,joking lightly over mobile phone.

I saw so much and my heart was grieving. It was overwhelming to see such things, such sorrow, such hardships that people irrespective of backgrounds, cultures,religions,social and economic status etc suffered from.

I thought to myself, will this visit be just a painful memory, one of sorrow and sad reminder or can I make it a beneficial visit to myself and all of you by sharing the positive things I learnt with Allah’s help from it.

1.I prayed to Allah that Allah ease their sufferings, grants them relief. I was thinking that indeed this life is a test. This world is temporary and imperfect, with lots of flaws.

2.I realised that indeed the Akhirah is real and the life in the hereafter is permanent. Real suffering is in hell, jahannam and real ease is in paradise, jannah.

3.I realised the blessings we have and how we misuse them
I realised that life is a blessing, health is a blessing, youth is a blessing, free time is a blessing, Islam is a blessing.

4.We take all blessings for granted. We are disobedient and ungrateful to Allah for every good He has blessed us with.

5.This life is a test. We cannot expect perfection in life, in ourselves and in people around us. We are all going through tests.

So instead of being difficult, harsh and judgemental towards each other why not care and try to understand each other, to love and forgive each other for the sake of Allah, to be patient with each other, to pray for each other.

6.Allah knows what we reveal and what we conceal. We might assume that a person who is always smiling may have no hardships or suffering but in reality they maybe suffering from grave situations and problems.

7.No matter how dark your world may appear, there is bound to be the light, the hope. If you are a believer, you will be patient and optimistic. Those who look for positive in everything find positive with Allah’s help. Maybe the hardship brought you closer to Allah, strengthened bonds between people, and ofcourse we know ayah and ahadith related to what hardships do to us -forgive our sins, elevate our ranks and others.

8.Family and relatives are important to us during hard times but what is a real consolation in the heart is Allah is sufficient for us,Allah will put love in the hearts of people to take care of you, Allah will take care of your life and everything concerning you. Allah is great. He helps those who strive in His Path. The incidents of the prophets, sahabahs and the righteous people are a reminder that Allah helps those who believe in Him,those who strive in His cause.

Alhamdulillah for Islam, for a purpose in life,for a blessing that is the greatest anyone could have. Alhamdulillah for knowledge, Alhamdulillah for ability to reflect and learn from daily life events, Alhamdulillah for everything and everyone in my life.


Muhammads first day earthquake experience

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Madiha Ahmed
Muhammad’s experience on the first day of earthquake

On the first day, the earthquake occurred, after tremors, it started raining.

Muhammad had felt the tremors too. He was frightened and asked,”Are we all going to die? ”

He heard the elders in the family talk that it is because of sins and Allah is punishing us because we are disobedient to Him.

When he saw it was raining he said, “Oh no,it might be rain of stones and fire like it happened for people of Lut alayhissalam! ”

I was amazed and wondering because he learnt in his Burooj Angels class about the story of Prophet Lut alayhissalam!!

He was told that we should ask Allah for Forgiveness and try our best to be good and obedient to Him.If we believe in Allah and be good and obedient to Him,Allah will save us like He saved Prophet Lut alayhissalam and the other believers. In sha Allah.

Alhamdulillah, Burooj Angels students are able to relate to the everyday or natural events with Islam. Ma sha Allah.

This is the beginning and part of the big change we want to make in the world, in sha Allah with Allah’s Help.

Join us in making a difference to the lives of children and youth.

Burooj Angels,learn Islam the fun way!

Find out if there is one in your city. star@burooj.org

Natural calamity

Today no doubt that a natural calamity took place. May Allah protect us all.

There will be people with their phones and online all day, there will be people who will feel that wow a holiday, time to relax at home as nothing to do and no where to go, there will be people who will be shocked with the calamity and wonder.

Make sure you don’t belong to any of the above categories.

Yes,a calamity occured. Yes,the reaction was of shock. Yes,there was intense fear in our hearts.

It was a reminder to us all that this world is temporary. Any day could be our last. Any day, we could lose everything we have.

But what will remain is our belief in Allah, in Islam, what will remain with us are our good deeds. In sha Allah.

Every moment spent in this world, in this Duniya is precious and a means to invest in the Akhirah. Calamities come and go, some affect us and some don’t. Don’t be overwhelmed. To Allah we belong and to Him is our return. Everything happens according to His plan. Life and death is in His Hands.

The day He wills is our last day on earth, it will be. We have to keep striving,we have to realise the importance of every moment, every second, every minute, every hour,every day and every night of our life.

Let us sincerely ask Allah to forgive all our sins, let us sincerely reflect on our lives, what are we doing with our life, our health, our wealth, our youth, our free time. Are we prepared to answer Allah and are we confident that we can atleast say Allah, I tried my best with Your Help and Guidance?

May Allah guide us all.

Please reflect sisters and brothers.