Circle of light around the Moon

Looking at the moon in the night sky, I see a circle of light around it. There was just one star near it that I saw.

Reflection :
1.If you keep striving and doing your best, you will shine inspite of the darkness around. In sha Allah.
2.The effect, the result,the influence may not be so big so as to light up the whole society or the whole world but it has an impact on maybe just a section of the society or part of the world.
3.Maybe it is just one person or a small group somewhere you know or do not know that is being inspired by you and your sincere efforts with Allah’s help.
4.That light can be seen, it is apparent to those who are striving or who are receptive and observant to the positivity.

Don’t give up.
Believe you will make a difference, in sha Allah!
Believe that if you are sincere and striving, Allah will reward your efforts and bless them and grant you success.

Keep striving!

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