Don’t give up friends

Many of us go through this -we are trying hard and sometimes even get close to getting what we want and then somethings happen to prevent us from achieving it.

We begin to lose hope and enthusiasm because one way it didn’t work out.

Friends, it is not easy to feel motivated to work hard again. Agree.

But Allah is great. If you are truly sincere and observant, He shows you signs or sends people into your life or you come across a book and you feel motivated and inspired to continue the efforts, the struggle, you are purpose driven again. Alhamdulillah, for Islam.

When you make up your mind to achieve something, to accomplish something, you have to be focused, determined and patient. Dark tunnels will come on the way to make you strong and focus more but don’t give up.

Remember the journey is full of sights that are dark and light, it is full of the bumpy jerking roads and smooth ones. But if you are sincere and confident about the final goal, the destination, then the pains and pleasures of journey are the same. The thought of the destination will make you happy, determined, it will be a consolation to the heart when there is temporary hardship.

Always be prepared and think of the next plan of action. Tell yourself :”It’s fine. So what if this plan didn’t work. There will be another way. In sha Allah. Allah will help me. He is sufficient for me. ”

Make dua, seek Allah’s help and guidance and you will know the
answer. In sha Allah! If not surely, you will arrive at the answers through trial and error or guess.

Allah will guide you, ask Him. Allah will Help you, ask Him. Allah will give you, ask Him. In sha Allah!

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