Worth having

How often we give up on our dreams even if they are halal and good! We feel afraid that what we desire to achieve we can’t have, it is impossible. We feel that it might take a lot of time, why wait so much? We feel that it will take a long struggle to achieve it!

But believe me even during these times, even when you feel this way, even when you have these thoughts and fears, don’t give up!

Some things do not work out instantly. They take time, patience and struggle. They require Tahajjud, dua,tawakkul. They are not impossible,.

It is worth waiting, it is worth having, it is worth the struggle.
Only then you will know that it is a gift, a reward and you earned it with Allah’s help and mercy.

Do not give up my friends, if you have done the istikhara and you see more positive than negative, but due to minor things it is not achievable in short period of time. Be patient, Pray Tahajjud, make lots of dua,have Tawakkul in Allah and keep striving and asking and begging Allah to grant you. Some things no one can give you. Only Allah can because He is the Lord of all that exists. He is in control of everything. He controls hearts and lives of all people. He is the All Mighty, All Powerful. He makes way where there seems to be no way. He is the best of Planners.

Trust Him


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