Alhamdulillah the Deen of Allah, Islam is such a great blessing. It gives you strength at all times to stand up for the truth, to be grateful for good times, to be patient during hardships, to keep striving and to have unwavering faith in Allah that as long as you are sincere, Allah will Help you. In sha Allah.
Those whom Allah helps can’t be defeated. The party of Allah will be successful! In sha Allah!
Have Tawakkul in Allah. There might appear a dark tunnel for sometime but it will disappear, in sha Allah. Be persistent in your duas. Allah will respond to the call of the sincere caller,in sha Allah.

When you are in doubt, confused or sad,remember do you want to be like a believer or a disbeliever?

If you desire to be a believer then remind yourself you have to be patient, you have to be strong, you have to seek Allah’s Help,you have be confident that the help of Allah is near.


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