Watching serials and movies

Why I stopped watching tv serials and movies?

There was a time when I loved watching the latest serials and movies as soon as they were released or started. I would get addicted, I enjoyed when people discussed them.

And then, Alhamdulillah, gradually I started realising that these movies and serials are not entertainment,fun or interesting or beneficial , really! 
Reasons :
1.The plot,the story is written by the ditectors,producers and strangest things happen. In real life, things are different. Things, situations can be changed by dua, effort and tawakkul in Allah.

2.People get rigid ideas about husbands, wives, in laws,friendship. For example, a husband in the movie or serial does nothing but think about romancing the girlfriend who later may or may not become his wife.

It is teaching fornication,making it look so attractive and glamorous. It is teaching that there is nothing in life except the spouse, no worship of Allah, serving parents and society.

People get wrong ideas about in laws and especially the mother in law. There are conflicts between the  girl and her in laws and people get more ideas which are negative.
3.Once you start watching them, you start getting addicted, you just want to know what will happen next,there might be discussion on YouTube as comments or fan pages and websites and other platforms. So much time wasted. You can use the free time in other useful activities like sports, gardening, reading etc.

4.Emotions wasted on virtual people. Why not sympathise and talk to real people?  It will make you a compassionate individual.

5.Unnecessary worry!  Believe me life has ups and downs and you need energy and effort to deal with them and this is not bad because we know life is a test.

When we are into these serials and movies we get worried about the characters too. Isnt it enough in life to spend your energy and efforts into your own life, the life of people around you?  Wont that help you and others more?

May Allah guide us all and help us to understand the importance of our life, time,youth,health,wealth and all other resources and blessings.


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