Love for people

I have realised why I love being amidst people since childhood. Alhamdulillah I loved montessori (mom told me I loved going and didn’t cry even once).Alhamdulillah, I loved school, college, gatherings, parties, social events, lectures etc because I get the opportunity to interact with so many people.
Alhamdulillah I get to observe what they, why they do, how they do. I love talking to them, getting to know them and sharing about the good things I have learnt in life with them.

I realised everyone has certain interests like pets, plants, animals, birds,stamp collection, gardening, etc etc but ever since childhood one thing will remain the same -my love for people.

I know in books and cinema it is all associated with politics and diplomacy etc but I don’t care. Alhamdulillah my reasons are different.

I read and reflect about how our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him dealt with people, his concern for them, his love for them and their welfare and I admire him more and more. It was this love and concern that the people respected him,loved him.

It was this concern and love for the truth and benefitting people with Allah’s help with the truth that helped him to bring real change around him, that people knew he was the honest one,the truthful one. Subhanallah!

If only we understand that and apply it to our own life,it would do a lot of good to us and the people around us. In sha Allah.


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