Levels in Video games and applications

Heard of Candy crush, dragoncity, criminal case,etc?

You try so hard to learn how to play well and put in the time, energy, effort and money (for net or any other forms) to go from one level to another.

You have competitions between friends on Facebook and other ways.

What about your life?

Have you ever thought about going from one level to the next in terms of your health, wealth, spirituality,family, intellect, social?

Is your health only about the gym and the cereals and diet food or going to jog early morning and then having the samosas and jalebis or to look young and fit or perfect for that dress or suit or so that my husband or wife doesn’t lose interest in me or I become the hot girl or guy etc?

Is your wealth only about increasing your bank balance and buying a bigger and better house and car? Or organising big parties on occasions or buying more gadgets?

Is your spirituality only about the mechanical rituals,offering stuff or bowing heads or lifting hands or confessions or parroting the lines that you have no idea about what they mean really etc ? 

Is your relationship with family only about having dinner together or watching tv or celebrating anniversary, mothers day,fathers day,birthday, and other celebrations and rasams,picnics ?

The intellect -only for stuffing more information to become walking talking encyclopedias and to get more degrees and badges and to get job with high salary?  Or to amaze people with how much you know?

Is your social life about being amidst popular or famous people or being in places where you can get fame?  Or the opportunity to show off your latest clothes, bags,shoes,watch, showpiece, bungalow etc?


What kind of a life are you living? Is that level fine with you?

Playing the game and going from one level to the next will help you look or feel like an achiever but in real life, it is a loss -of every blessing you have -time,effort, money and intelligence.

What if you thought -“Okay let me see, what am I doing with my life and with the different aspects of life?”

“Can I try harder and go to the next level by putting in more time, energy, effort, money and do something good so that I will be a real achiever of something as great and beautiful as Paradise? Can I? ”

“Can I compete with people in doing something productive with my life, in righteousness, in good deeds?  Can I compete with people by coming up with original and unique ideas to utilise every blessing Allah has given me?”

Yes,my friend, you can and I know you will, in sha Allah!

All you have to do is realise that you just have this one life.

Many will try to eat, drink and party and do that harder. Many will not bother who cares,” I am young, I am supposed to have fun, go and hang out with friends and opposite sex in malls and restaurants and parties and fests! When I will grow old I will do all that, where is the time now with all the school or college or workplace task or tuitions? What will people say that I am trying to be goody goody type and holy? ”

My friend,you are different. Don’t be deceived. Don’t think that what they are thinking and doing is of any benefit in this life or the next?  No profit, no benefit, no reward. They are all tiring themselves and wasting their resources in this Duniya!

Are you going to be a fool and suffer from great losses? That too when you know that you are not eternal, that you will die! That what you do with your life and blessings given by Allah can be a great blessing and investment for the higher, bigger and better reward -Paradise?

What will you do?

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