Dealing with life one day at a time

After the class lectures, I try my best to understand, reflect and note down my queries the same day. This is because I feel dealing with one small chunk each day is easy for me and its fresh so I get thoughts about it and I add them too. Over a period of time if you think about it or recall or apply that piece of information becomes consolidated.

One thing that has Alhamdulillah worked for me in the last 5-6 years is dealing with life, one day at a time.Alhamdulillah. Otherwise there will be too much stress over a period of time, I don’t like sadness or frowns on myself or others.

So every night before I sleep, after the dhikr or before the dhikr, I reflect on the entire days events -small and big, starting from the time I woke up to the time I came back to bed. So I recall moments and events and conversations and people I met.

I try to analyse -what were the good things that happened? What were the sad things that happened? What improvement do I need to make today so that my tomorrow can be better,in sha Allah?

Solutions -you can come up with them
them instantly but application might take time, so I give myself time if it is not solved or doesn’t make sense.

Did I hurt anyone today, intentionally or unintentionally? Did I ask for forgiveness from the person and Allah? If I have not then the first thing to do would be say sorry when I meet or message. Sometimes I end up saying that night itself. This helps, you know why?  Because you try to analyse and realise what happened and seeking forgiveness asap is better. Who knows if you will live long to apologise and ask forgiveness?

Did I finish all the tasks and projects and assignments given to me -College, Burooj, karate, home and related to worship?  If yes, good, Alhamdulillah, if not I have to try harder and its then I take out my diary and make a routine, what is it I should do and how so that I can complete the pending work of previous week and present task. Alhamdulillah. Maybe I should compromise on sleep and Facebook time.

That’s something I learnt while preparing for boards and university exam. Writing helps. You can keep referring and ticking what is done.

Life is not so easy, it is not perfect. Yes I agree. Life is a test,I agree. But stressing yourself and taking all the burden together at one point is not going to help anyway. Rather people break down, fall into depression, commit suicide, they do all sorts of things and end up harming themselves.

If you take each day at a time, its lot more simpler, everything is fresh even the little details of how and why, which if you did later, you might not remember that well, so you try to dismiss it or make excuses and it is really not helpful.

So if you deal one day at a time, you remember the observation and your inference will make more sense (You see I am a science student), in sha Allah.

That is how it is with me.

Keep trying to do your best. Each day at a time, so that you can learn from life and people, reflect and that information can be consolidated,built upon and modified or connected to more things. In sha Allah and all this helps you  grow as an individual.

Alhamdulillah for Islam.


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