Proud to be muslim

Whenever I see sisters liking photos of short dresses or revealing clothes in my news feed,
Whenever I see the reaction of sisters when they see another female in short dress or buying short revealing clothes,
Whenever I see sisters making an effort to dress up like that,

I tell myself,sadly :” How sad,they are all trying to imitate each other, trying to reveal more and more, in the hope of looking modern, smart,educated, different! ”

And then I look at my mother, myself and my sisters and I smile and thank Allah and realise the blessings He has blessed us with.

Thanks to Allah and my parents to teach us since we were very small that to make a difference, to be smart, unique you don’t have to try to look different.

You have to think, talk and act different and it is not something that happens to you over a day or a week of watching the celebrities or the so called cool modern people around you or online.

It happens since your childhood when you have seen your mother walking the talk, when you have seen her thinking differently, talking differently and acting differently. And not because people might say something but because that was the right thing to do. Because that is what is pleasing to the Creator.

This confidence over the years helps everywhere be it school, college, workplace, gatherings,parties, weddings, any social events because you are not afraid of the reaction of the people-what they will say or how they treat you rather you say what you have learnt, applied and thought about and you know it is the truth,you know when to say -what and how (guided by Islam -ilm and akhlaq, what Burooj is about ) .

With Allah’s Help,it affects people, yes it does. Whether they acknowledge it or they don’t. That is none of your business.

Keep striving always. Results or no results, appreciation or no appreciation. You have done your job by living and practicing what you are preaching. Seek Allah’s Help. Ask Him to bless you and to accept it from you.

And the pride, the confidence that you get amidst even hundreds of people to be in an abaya with yourself covered well and a sign of submission to the Supreme Power and Creator Allah, it is wonderful that you are different and beautiful because your religion,is different and beautiful. Because you are not showing the world the artificial beauty that will perish, you are sharing your thoughts,Words and actions inspired by the truth,Islam, a way of life which could make a deep impact on the hearts and minds and the society around.

And believe me those females, who were trying every effort to make an impression or trying to stand out, and those that you were looking at and wanted to imitate, they are going to feel that beauty in you too.

Infact I have seen so many women and girls, moment I or my sisters are around they start becoming conscious of their clothes.. I wonder why they wear it! So many people have told me,”You are so lucky, you look professional, comfortable, informal too and smart in the abaya. ” (This is after I switched over from fitting fancy, bright, colourful ones to loose, sober, dull,simple ones,Alhamdulillah )

Yes, Alhamdulillah I am lucky because I have the best -Islam! I don’t need the dress brands, the makeup brands, the shoes and bag brands to make me different and stand out.

I have Islam, a way of life, that encourages me to seek beneficial knowledge, to be aware of my purpose and work on myself to be an asset to humanity and all creatures, Islam a way of life to keep my mind,body and soul in shape and working for Allah’s cause and it is so powerful, inspiring that it can make me different, it can make my family, my society, my country,my world different!

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah for Islam.


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