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Nahid Haider
Really nice post!

It is really sad to see that whenever people see covered Muslim women they feel that the covering is imposed on them or they are deprived of their rights. They think that being covered is being oppressed. What’s more saddening is that some Muslims also feel that it is so. Unable to remove this misconception!
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Madiha Ahmed
Dear Nahid, tell me if you have seen, observed or experienced the following situations:
*Let us talk about a girls college, so a girl enters the college in abaya or head covered, takes off the hijab and moves around without it even in the presence of the male teaching and domestic staff, in between classes goes to the mall or restaurant without hijab with friends or meets her boyfriend or the guy she is interested in without hijab.

*oh i can dress up the way I want because there is a separate ladies section in the party or wedding. Now when you enter,you see no men around or you see men around and you say but shadi mei koi thori na burkha pehenta hai. Sab kia bolenge. So you roam about, the waiter,male family members of the couple all enter and exit and you don’t bother to cover your head!

*Go out with parents and in laws in covered decent clothes. Going out with husband, I have to be in the best most attractive clothes,not hijab!

*men come at home, your dupatta is either on the side or on shoulders or no dupatta at all. My home after all.

*Oh for farewell or for my cousins or own brother or sister or mama or Chachus wedding I am not going to wear an abaya.

*Everyone uploads their pictures on Facebook. So,click, click. This one will be my next dp. My dad or brother or uncle may or may not be on Facebook. Oh and some photos I pose in a hijab others without hijab!
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Madiha Ahmed
Before we explain or try to understand why and what other people think it is important to know your own thoughts about anything, be it religion, identity, society, etc. Your thoughts translate into action.

Also important to remember that we are ambassadors of Islam. There was a time when people knew Islam because of the character and behaviour of Rasulullah peace be upon him and his companions with each other. Today we are responsible for the good and the bad image of Islam too.

We may not be able to change how everyone thinks and acts but we can definitely be the change by being sincere,working hard and striving, we can lead by example, we can ensure that every person who we meet , every person who comes into your life you leave them with the true and positive image of Islam. I personally believe that I have to be the change,if I am not going to act responsible,how can I expect anyone to do so ?I also believe that my siblings,my students ,my friends and family and in sha Allah my children in future-these people I can influence with Allah’s Help.I will keep trying,results or no results,I expect from Allah. Do your job and leave the rest to Allah. In sha Allah.
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Nahid Haider
Yes I agree with the points you stated. In fact I am in a girls college and I do take out my scarf inside the college [but not anywhere else as mentioned above] none of my teachers are male (though maybe I shouldn’t be doing it). I guess people need to be convinced and firm themselves, only then will others realise it too. But why do they question the aspect of ‘rights’ when they see a covered woman? Being skimpily dressed has nothing to do with enjoying more rights.
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Madiha Ahmed
darling,I remember what I told one of my teacher who was advising me not to be passionate about any causes—-People will question me when I am wrong and people will question me when I am right.I would rather want people questioning me when I am right so that I can atleast be glad in the Hereafter and say Allah I tried my best
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Precious Nayyara
Well said !!! Jazaak allah khair
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Nahid Haider
I was having this discussion in class today, with my teacher. So it was quite difficult to show her that rights has nothing to do with being covered. Perhaps I need to work more on what you just said.
Thank you!
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Madiha Ahmed
The pleasure is all mine

I wrote all this with firm conviction and belief in Allah that this will make people think, reflect, in sha Allah. May Allah guide us all and keep us steadfast upon His Deen. May Allah make this post a source of inspiration and change in others lives.
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Nahid Haider
Insha Allah. Ameen!
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Madiha Ahmed
Jazak allahu khairan to all the sisters who liked and commented, to those who didn’t like nor commented but made an effort to read.
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Asma Atah Haider
SubhanAllah n jazakallahu kharain for dis post sister….alhumdulilah dat our parents took special care to imbibe in us d morals which makes us proud of ourslves n inspire odrs to do something good lyk practicing to wear hijab/abaya…..it not only makes odrs look at us wid respect but also to dwell in deeper thots of y we r so happy in wat dey call is being “imposed” on us…!
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Asma Atah Haider
Sister u r doing a real grt job here may Allah bless you for wat u r doin in akhirah….. love u fo d sake of Allah…. u truely inspire me
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Madiha Ahmed
Alhamdulillah Allahu akbar, Wa iyyaki sis Allah is great, He inspires people, He Helps. Ameen. May the one for whose sake you love me, love you my sister. Once again amazed, Alhamdulillah that we have not met each other or seen or spoken but yet it is our faith that has united us all. Please remember me in duas sister
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Asma Atah Haider
U r mistaken sister… v hav met many a tyms….once I had offred namaz wid u in ur departmntal room at Clg….! m ur junior….yes no matr one has met another or not…dre z d bond for d sake of Allah dat unites us….! Remmbr me as well in ur Duas! 
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Madiha Ahmed
Hmm..I am so sorry I do not remember you, did you come with saman? Sister you won’t believe I have so many sisters in my friend list who I have not met but I know them through some good connection! In sha Allah, I will. indeed
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Asma Atah Haider
Yes wid Saman indeed…. nevertheless dres nothin to b sorry of sister…bst of luck wid ur aim to strive for betterment as a muslimah…!
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Haseena Bint Ziaudeen
Well said sister madiha Ahmed…may Allah azawajal keep you steadfast.. ameen..
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Madiha Ahmed
Ameen. Jazak allahu khairan,
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Fatima Ayesha
may Allah bless u
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Madiha Ahmed
Ameen and you too
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