Don’t give up friends

Many of us go through this -we are trying hard and sometimes even get close to getting what we want and then somethings happen to prevent us from achieving it.

We begin to lose hope and enthusiasm because one way it didn’t work out.

Friends, it is not easy to feel motivated to work hard again. Agree.

But Allah is great. If you are truly sincere and observant, He shows you signs or sends people into your life or you come across a book and you feel motivated and inspired to continue the efforts, the struggle, you are purpose driven again. Alhamdulillah, for Islam.

When you make up your mind to achieve something, to accomplish something, you have to be focused, determined and patient. Dark tunnels will come on the way to make you strong and focus more but don’t give up.

Remember the journey is full of sights that are dark and light, it is full of the bumpy jerking roads and smooth ones. But if you are sincere and confident about the final goal, the destination, then the pains and pleasures of journey are the same. The thought of the destination will make you happy, determined, it will be a consolation to the heart when there is temporary hardship.

Always be prepared and think of the next plan of action. Tell yourself :”It’s fine. So what if this plan didn’t work. There will be another way. In sha Allah. Allah will help me. He is sufficient for me. ”

Make dua, seek Allah’s help and guidance and you will know the
answer. In sha Allah! If not surely, you will arrive at the answers through trial and error or guess.

Allah will guide you, ask Him. Allah will Help you, ask Him. Allah will give you, ask Him. In sha Allah!


Circle of light around the Moon

Looking at the moon in the night sky, I see a circle of light around it. There was just one star near it that I saw.

Reflection :
1.If you keep striving and doing your best, you will shine inspite of the darkness around. In sha Allah.
2.The effect, the result,the influence may not be so big so as to light up the whole society or the whole world but it has an impact on maybe just a section of the society or part of the world.
3.Maybe it is just one person or a small group somewhere you know or do not know that is being inspired by you and your sincere efforts with Allah’s help.
4.That light can be seen, it is apparent to those who are striving or who are receptive and observant to the positivity.

Don’t give up.
Believe you will make a difference, in sha Allah!
Believe that if you are sincere and striving, Allah will reward your efforts and bless them and grant you success.

Keep striving!

Worth having

How often we give up on our dreams even if they are halal and good! We feel afraid that what we desire to achieve we can’t have, it is impossible. We feel that it might take a lot of time, why wait so much? We feel that it will take a long struggle to achieve it!

But believe me even during these times, even when you feel this way, even when you have these thoughts and fears, don’t give up!

Some things do not work out instantly. They take time, patience and struggle. They require Tahajjud, dua,tawakkul. They are not impossible,.

It is worth waiting, it is worth having, it is worth the struggle.
Only then you will know that it is a gift, a reward and you earned it with Allah’s help and mercy.

Do not give up my friends, if you have done the istikhara and you see more positive than negative, but due to minor things it is not achievable in short period of time. Be patient, Pray Tahajjud, make lots of dua,have Tawakkul in Allah and keep striving and asking and begging Allah to grant you. Some things no one can give you. Only Allah can because He is the Lord of all that exists. He is in control of everything. He controls hearts and lives of all people. He is the All Mighty, All Powerful. He makes way where there seems to be no way. He is the best of Planners.

Trust Him

Motivate people

Instead of hurting, taunting, pulling down people and being a cause of unhappiness, sorrow or depression in others life,why not encourage, motivate,inspire and lift their spirits by making them believe in Allah and His promise to Help those who strive and who are sincere and those who ask for forgiveness for their sins,by helping to bring out the best in them.

Be a friend, a helping hand, speak kind and encouraging words and share your talents with them so that they benefit from you and Allah will be pleased with you, your efforts to benefit mankind for the sake of Allah, in sha Allah!

Watching serials and movies

Why I stopped watching tv serials and movies?

There was a time when I loved watching the latest serials and movies as soon as they were released or started. I would get addicted, I enjoyed when people discussed them.

And then, Alhamdulillah, gradually I started realising that these movies and serials are not entertainment,fun or interesting or beneficial , really! 
Reasons :
1.The plot,the story is written by the ditectors,producers and strangest things happen. In real life, things are different. Things, situations can be changed by dua, effort and tawakkul in Allah.

2.People get rigid ideas about husbands, wives, in laws,friendship. For example, a husband in the movie or serial does nothing but think about romancing the girlfriend who later may or may not become his wife.

It is teaching fornication,making it look so attractive and glamorous. It is teaching that there is nothing in life except the spouse, no worship of Allah, serving parents and society.

People get wrong ideas about in laws and especially the mother in law. There are conflicts between the  girl and her in laws and people get more ideas which are negative.
3.Once you start watching them, you start getting addicted, you just want to know what will happen next,there might be discussion on YouTube as comments or fan pages and websites and other platforms. So much time wasted. You can use the free time in other useful activities like sports, gardening, reading etc.

4.Emotions wasted on virtual people. Why not sympathise and talk to real people?  It will make you a compassionate individual.

5.Unnecessary worry!  Believe me life has ups and downs and you need energy and effort to deal with them and this is not bad because we know life is a test.

When we are into these serials and movies we get worried about the characters too. Isnt it enough in life to spend your energy and efforts into your own life, the life of people around you?  Wont that help you and others more?

May Allah guide us all and help us to understand the importance of our life, time,youth,health,wealth and all other resources and blessings.

Love for people

I have realised why I love being amidst people since childhood. Alhamdulillah I loved montessori (mom told me I loved going and didn’t cry even once).Alhamdulillah, I loved school, college, gatherings, parties, social events, lectures etc because I get the opportunity to interact with so many people.
Alhamdulillah I get to observe what they, why they do, how they do. I love talking to them, getting to know them and sharing about the good things I have learnt in life with them.

I realised everyone has certain interests like pets, plants, animals, birds,stamp collection, gardening, etc etc but ever since childhood one thing will remain the same -my love for people.

I know in books and cinema it is all associated with politics and diplomacy etc but I don’t care. Alhamdulillah my reasons are different.

I read and reflect about how our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him dealt with people, his concern for them, his love for them and their welfare and I admire him more and more. It was this love and concern that the people respected him,loved him.

It was this concern and love for the truth and benefitting people with Allah’s help with the truth that helped him to bring real change around him, that people knew he was the honest one,the truthful one. Subhanallah!

If only we understand that and apply it to our own life,it would do a lot of good to us and the people around us. In sha Allah.

Kids of your sister in law

I often see that a woman is afraid to share her talents or teach or benefit the children of her sister in law.

Why? Because the sister in laws children should not be smarter or more intelligent than her kids, even if she has no kids at that point of time.

Why should you be afraid? Think ahead. Think big.

You can influence and make a positive contribution in a child’s life and help in making the world a better place. And so what if the sister in laws children are smarter or more intelligent, they will be good company and role models for others including your children.

Its a gain in every way. Alhamdulillah.

All you have to do is to think of why you are here in this world,what is your purpose in life?

Petty issues create stress, unhappiness, disunity, violence etc. Only if we think big, have a vision and remember that we are here on a mission -to worship Allah, spread the Deen of Allah, benefit mankind for the sake of Allah and you can achieve this by being the change yourself, lead by example.

Own parents or new parents

Whether it is your own house or your in-laws, no one is your enemy even though it might appear to be in some cases.

Your in laws are like your parents and nanads,jethani and devranis are sisters in faith. Your jeth, devar and others brothers in faith.

Be good to all, help and be
kind to everyone irrespective of how you are treated. Remember you have self respect, don’t let any one do harm to that.

If you be the change and keep striving and doing your best, you will see the change. Nothing is impossible.

Seek Allah’s help and strive to be the best wherever you are -own parents house or new parents house.

With love and sincere concern, you can win hearts, in sha Allah!

Levels in Video games and applications

Heard of Candy crush, dragoncity, criminal case,etc?

You try so hard to learn how to play well and put in the time, energy, effort and money (for net or any other forms) to go from one level to another.

You have competitions between friends on Facebook and other ways.

What about your life?

Have you ever thought about going from one level to the next in terms of your health, wealth, spirituality,family, intellect, social?

Is your health only about the gym and the cereals and diet food or going to jog early morning and then having the samosas and jalebis or to look young and fit or perfect for that dress or suit or so that my husband or wife doesn’t lose interest in me or I become the hot girl or guy etc?

Is your wealth only about increasing your bank balance and buying a bigger and better house and car? Or organising big parties on occasions or buying more gadgets?

Is your spirituality only about the mechanical rituals,offering stuff or bowing heads or lifting hands or confessions or parroting the lines that you have no idea about what they mean really etc ? 

Is your relationship with family only about having dinner together or watching tv or celebrating anniversary, mothers day,fathers day,birthday, and other celebrations and rasams,picnics ?

The intellect -only for stuffing more information to become walking talking encyclopedias and to get more degrees and badges and to get job with high salary?  Or to amaze people with how much you know?

Is your social life about being amidst popular or famous people or being in places where you can get fame?  Or the opportunity to show off your latest clothes, bags,shoes,watch, showpiece, bungalow etc?


What kind of a life are you living? Is that level fine with you?

Playing the game and going from one level to the next will help you look or feel like an achiever but in real life, it is a loss -of every blessing you have -time,effort, money and intelligence.

What if you thought -“Okay let me see, what am I doing with my life and with the different aspects of life?”

“Can I try harder and go to the next level by putting in more time, energy, effort, money and do something good so that I will be a real achiever of something as great and beautiful as Paradise? Can I? ”

“Can I compete with people in doing something productive with my life, in righteousness, in good deeds?  Can I compete with people by coming up with original and unique ideas to utilise every blessing Allah has given me?”

Yes,my friend, you can and I know you will, in sha Allah!

All you have to do is realise that you just have this one life.

Many will try to eat, drink and party and do that harder. Many will not bother who cares,” I am young, I am supposed to have fun, go and hang out with friends and opposite sex in malls and restaurants and parties and fests! When I will grow old I will do all that, where is the time now with all the school or college or workplace task or tuitions? What will people say that I am trying to be goody goody type and holy? ”

My friend,you are different. Don’t be deceived. Don’t think that what they are thinking and doing is of any benefit in this life or the next?  No profit, no benefit, no reward. They are all tiring themselves and wasting their resources in this Duniya!

Are you going to be a fool and suffer from great losses? That too when you know that you are not eternal, that you will die! That what you do with your life and blessings given by Allah can be a great blessing and investment for the higher, bigger and better reward -Paradise?

What will you do?

Seeing injustice happening around you

When you see injustice happening around you-be it school, college,workplace, speak up.

Don’t let a group of people oppress another group. Help the oppressed be it rich or poor, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew Sikh etc.

And remember even if no one stands up or speaks up,you should. O fellow muslim youth, because we are Muslims and we have to follow the commands of Allah and be people of justice.

Take the first step, the initiative, seek Allah’s Help and Allah will help you, in sha Allah!