Strange things happen

Alhamdulillah strange things happen in life. All along for general studies I have taught pre nursery to class 3,I am comfortable and confident teaching that age group. So when I heard that for observation class and teaching I would get class 5,I was upset, worried that I have no experience or idea whatsoever if I can innovate and make studies interesting for that age group. So for two days I was asked if I wanted to teach it wasn’t compulsory and if teachers say the topic then we can. I showed interest to teach but first two days it didn’t work out. I wanted to teach however.

Alhamdulillah today morning before the first period the class teacher asked would you like to teach after it was announced that the geography teacher was absent and she wanted the girls to read a certain chapter and do exercise. Ma’am asked you want to teach you can. I said okay ma’am but please give me ten minutes. Alhamdulillah she agreed and the substitute teacher comes when I was teaching. It was so normal. I could recall my experience with teaching qamar children in Burooj what they like and how they react.

Alhamdulillah glad it went well
Even girls 42 of them were so normal and enthusiastic.

I thank Allah for making me love studies as a student that last minute past knowledge helped me to do well. I was told that we were marked on that.

Seriously, I never thought this could happen too. But Allah made it possible and my faith in Allah has become more strong. May Allah guide me and keep me steadfast.

Certain things that helped :
*Allah’s help
*Burooj methodology fun learn approach
*daily life example to explain words and concepts
*humour (learnt it from Dawood bhai)
*class lectures by present professor -dos and don’t
Alhamdulillah for everything -learning and teaching.


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