Be a leader with whom people are comfortable and confident to contribute in whatever way possible. Where they know their weaknesses but trust the leader to help them overcome it and help to bring out the best in them.

Every time I teach children be it general or Islamic studies, I try to give them examples from daily incidents or something that happens, the practicals. As a science student, I know how important practical is.

This has helped me understand something very important -in Dawah too, people need to see you doing the practicals,if you don’t walk the talk, it will not make any sense.

Islam will be boring to people because all they know is theory and without reflection.

A person who learns,understands and applies the theories in his day to day life in small and big things will be a better explanation and dawah to them.

It is simple. Learn about your deen. Reflect on it, apply it and teach it. That too in every place and with every person you meet.

May Allah help us all.
When you know the worth of what you have and you are proud of who you are, it reflects in the way you think, the way you talk, the way you act.

The world will no doubt be mesmerised by the truth.

Dawah through actions is better than dawah through words.

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