Be someone whom everyone wants to meet with , work with, deal with. Be someone whom people will come to because they are down and want to be encouraged, motivated and inspired.
Be someone whom people will not hesitate to be with or to share their strengths and weaknesses.

Look up to be inspired.
Look around to inspire.


Don’t lower your standard to please the creation.

Raise your standard to please the Creator!

One of the best things someone can say about you: “I am definitely going to remember you! ”

Yes,leave behind a legacy. Make a positive difference to others lives. Let that be your unique touch. Write your name on the hearts of people.

Your life is your message to the world, Make it inspiring!

Remind yourself that yes you love your family, spouse, children and friends and humanity but you love Allah more.

Love Allah. Love for the sake of Allah.

That way you will be effective in making a positive difference in the lives of people and benefit them for the Sake of Allah, in sha Allah.

There are no doubt a lot of problems in the world.

Never mind. Work hard,seek the Help of Allah, be the change! Be the solution.

That way you start creating a small positive world around, where you lead by example and the ripple effect carries the change forward! In sha Allah!

No matter how huge the crowd is,if you have something that is unique, that is the truth, you will stand out.

Truth is powerful. Be confident. Be Muslim.

hijab is a choice that an individual makes to either choose to submit to the Creator or to fit in and follow the standard of the creations and self desires.

Hijab-when you wear it with sincere intentions and properly and regularly and confidently,it makes you a confident Muslim, who is confident about the truth Islam, w,who is proud to be an ambassador of this great religion that has the potential to transform the world and to transform yourself and others if you are sincere, knowledge and striving!


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