History repeats Truth shall prevail

Time and again this happens.

Truth is so strong and powerful that those who are on falsehood fear it and try to destroy it. They know that the truth has great potential and solutions to world problems.

How they fear the truth! If truth is not suppressed then how will they go about their evil ways? They know. They want to suppress the truth to go about doing the evil acts.

What is crazy and strange is that what should be suppressed -evil acts and things that will bring greater harm to human race are all glorified and allowed! Those are not suppressed because it will harm their bank balance, fame and power!

Double standards. Sad,really sad.

But don’t worry, history is a witness -truth prevailed. Incase we fail to understand the situations and results in the world, be not sad. The judges and the lawmakers and rulers of the world can bribe judges and people and criminals can escape!

But you know I really can’t stop admiring Islam and feeling good to be a Muslim. It has opened my eyes to the world and the reality of life. Justice will be given to every soul -who wronged others and who was wronged by others by Allah, the Just in the Hereafter.

Be patient my friends. Allah is Great, He will not let injustice happen to you.

Be strong and keep striving my brothers and sisters around the world.

And you know what these evil events do to us- they unite the ummah, they unite the people across all faiths who stand up for truth and justice. Through prayers or a message or opposition, we express our feelings.

Truth will be victorious. In sha Allah!

May Allah grant relief and victory to everyone who is oppressed and may Allah Guide those who oppress others. May Allah unite the people who uphold truth and justice!


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