Studying child development

Studying child development and I realise how important it is for parents to be role models!  Children imitate parents.
*Was thinking about how important it is to choose the right spouse. Beauty,wealth, Fame,degrees and posts in job are all temporary. These come and go. What remains is the good character and personality.

Often when we are young we dream, look for someone who is good looking, wealthy, famous,very “educated “etc but we focus very little on the character and personality, real education.

My professor put it rightly toyboyor toy girl! The killer looks or big bank balance are insignificant.

*Dear fellow Muslim youth you have to look ahead. You have to keep in mind this is not a movie or novel, it is real life!

*You have to keep in mind that this man or woman you marry will be the mother or father of your children. The best thing an individual can do to bring change is to raise a healthy child -with a healthy mind body and soul, who will be a source of reward in this world and the next. You have to be role models for them.

*And believe me if you can’t change or influence everyone, the society, the world, your children are your responsibility,you can influence and inspire them. With Allah’s Help, this would be a great opportunity to make a difference. Gadgets,caretakers, toys and parties won’t help them.

I know the points are scattered and not organised. Will do better next time, in sha Allah! 

Studying for exam and sharing the thoughts that came to my mind.

May Allah help us to act in a responsible manner,may Allah help us to put our priorities right. Ameen


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