Do good without return

Whenever you come across people who are sad or depressed, lift them up,cheer them up,encourage them. Motivate and inspire them. Remind them about the one true God!

If you are really concerned about humanity, you will overcome your ego, your fear that what will people think.
It will earn you respect in the long run,it will help you grow stronger and better, in sha Allah.

You may or may not be successful but be thankful to Allah that you could try. You could try to cheer up another even if your life is not perfect, even though you have your own problems in life and you trust Allah and know that with hardships comes relief,Allah will take care of everything, in sha Allah.

Be sincerely concerned about the welfare of the people, they may say things out of anger or depression or hurt or any reason. Don’t take it to your heart. Forgive them, you don’t know what they are going through. Kindness and compassion heals, in sha Allah! Never wasted.

And so what if people want harm for you or don’t care or return. You do what you are meant to do. You know Allah is watching, you know it is He who matters, you know it is He for whose sake you are trying and striving!  Your return and reward is with Him.

May Allah Guide us and keep us sincere. May Allah help us to inspire and motivate others and to benefit mankind for His Sake,.


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