Difference between islamic stories and unislamic stories

Difference between an Islamic story and unislamic story – Islamic stories instill love,hope and trust in Allah. They teach about gratitude and patience. The ending may not be ideal in the way the world desires -but we know following the right path will lead to a happily ever after, eternal happiness and success!

I actually feel movies, serials, novels make you hopeless, desiring ideal,you start developing opinions (in laws are always bad etc),you enter the world of fantasy, forget responsibility, waste time, energy and money.

In our youth,we want to watch these things. Even adults love watching this.

In the name of entertainment so much harm coming about.

Believe me, just read one story from the Quran, be it young men of the cave, Prophet Musa alayhissalam and Pharoah, Prophet Yusuf alayhissalam, Maryam alayhissalam,any.

Or from the Seerah – Abu bakr Siddiq r.a and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)  in the cave or when he was hurt by the Makkans or people of Madinah-Taif incident…

Or the stories of the Sahabahs and imams and other good men -care for the ummah, opportunists seeking pleasure of Allah, the pearl necklace, etc.

Amazing!!! These stories will make you stronger in faith, give you immense courage to face life, to be a stable and healthy individual with a healthy mind, body and soul.

Alhamdulillah for Islam. Alhamdulillah!


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