Real leader or social reformer

You can not be a leader or social reformer if the company of and presence of only rich, educated and famous people makes you active in charity work or talking about social issues. Or only when the media is around to click your pictures and print in the newspaper or you take initiatives or attend an event because you might get a chance to talk, click pictures with renowned people or to share on facebook!

And you avoid the company of the poor,uneducated when no one is watching.

Today unfortunately so many people are doing all this in the name of social work and reform.

Social reformation is what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)  and his companions did. They treated everyone -Muslim and non-Muslim, everyone so well. Everyone they met had something good to say about them. Even their critics and enemies.

They were ambassadors of the greatest and best solution for the problems of world, Islam. They lived it and showed us how real change happens. It begins with yourself, when you are striving, when you walk the talk, when you know Allah is watching you and you are aware of Him, that you are accountable to Him, that even when no one is watching you are still doing good and being true to yourself and Allah and to your cause — it is then that Your thoughts will be beautiful, your words will be beautiful, your actions will be beautiful. It is then that you will reach out to the hearts of people, you will be able to care for them, help them, forgive them with Allah’s Help. It is then that your efforts will bear fruit, that you will be effective, in sha Allah.

May Allah Guide us and help us to be sincere in everything we do. Ameen


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