Be confident without makeup

It is really sad to see girls and women being so dependent on make up, the confidence they have in make up,how conscious they feel without it.

Some can’t leave home without kajal,eye liner, lipstick, etc. Oh, I just apply this, nothing else. They have to check it so many times during the day.

I wonder why make up should make you like that!? Why not be confident the way you are, natural way!  Believe me, if you are confident with your natural beauty, it will give your personality a different touch. Natural self is better than artificial.

Focus on making your character, personality beautiful. Rather than spending time, energy and money on all that artificial stuff why not invest more time, energy and money on your character, personality and education, on improving your knowledge,skills etc.

If you look nice and apply all that make up, to get attention from people or appear attractive for the opposite sex, all useless. You will attract others to your artificial self or artificial beauty.

Real beauty is more than beautiful skin and face and body. It is about beautiful heart, mind and soul, beautiful character. People should get attracted to your heart, beautiful thoughts that you have, beautiful actions you perform.

Real beauty will attract really beautiful people. Those who have bad intentions or are inclined towards evil might change because of it. Allah will protect you from harmful people.

My dearest sisters in Islam, stop depending on all that artificial stuff to make you feel confident or stand out in the crowd or to make a difference. Strive in the path of Allah, for excellence in all beneficial things, educate yourself. Be the change,inspire others. Be confident. Be Muslim.

And you will know that yes you can be the change, the winds of change, the one who inspires and influences others, in sha Allah.

May Allah help us to set our priorities right. Ameen.


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