Joy of learning

Teaching others is great no doubt, Alhamdulillah but there is a different joy, happiness, fun to learn as a student, to ask people who know more and are experts in their fields, when they come up with challenges, questions and activities for you as a student . When you can clarify concepts and ask and know more! When you can get the chance to improve your self,your skills and when there is constructive criticism. When you can be surprised and enlightened each time you attend the class and made to think and the view of the world, of things change. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to learn and to be a student.

“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”


Strange things happen

Alhamdulillah strange things happen in life. All along for general studies I have taught pre nursery to class 3,I am comfortable and confident teaching that age group. So when I heard that for observation class and teaching I would get class 5,I was upset, worried that I have no experience or idea whatsoever if I can innovate and make studies interesting for that age group. So for two days I was asked if I wanted to teach it wasn’t compulsory and if teachers say the topic then we can. I showed interest to teach but first two days it didn’t work out. I wanted to teach however.

Alhamdulillah today morning before the first period the class teacher asked would you like to teach after it was announced that the geography teacher was absent and she wanted the girls to read a certain chapter and do exercise. Ma’am asked you want to teach you can. I said okay ma’am but please give me ten minutes. Alhamdulillah she agreed and the substitute teacher comes when I was teaching. It was so normal. I could recall my experience with teaching qamar children in Burooj what they like and how they react.

Alhamdulillah glad it went well
Even girls 42 of them were so normal and enthusiastic.

I thank Allah for making me love studies as a student that last minute past knowledge helped me to do well. I was told that we were marked on that.

Seriously, I never thought this could happen too. But Allah made it possible and my faith in Allah has become more strong. May Allah guide me and keep me steadfast.

Certain things that helped :
*Allah’s help
*Burooj methodology fun learn approach
*daily life example to explain words and concepts
*humour (learnt it from Dawood bhai)
*class lectures by present professor -dos and don’t
Alhamdulillah for everything -learning and teaching.


Be a leader with whom people are comfortable and confident to contribute in whatever way possible. Where they know their weaknesses but trust the leader to help them overcome it and help to bring out the best in them.

Every time I teach children be it general or Islamic studies, I try to give them examples from daily incidents or something that happens, the practicals. As a science student, I know how important practical is.

This has helped me understand something very important -in Dawah too, people need to see you doing the practicals,if you don’t walk the talk, it will not make any sense.

Islam will be boring to people because all they know is theory and without reflection.

A person who learns,understands and applies the theories in his day to day life in small and big things will be a better explanation and dawah to them.

It is simple. Learn about your deen. Reflect on it, apply it and teach it. That too in every place and with every person you meet.

May Allah help us all.
When you know the worth of what you have and you are proud of who you are, it reflects in the way you think, the way you talk, the way you act.

The world will no doubt be mesmerised by the truth.

Dawah through actions is better than dawah through words.

When people imitate you

When people want to imitate you for your style, fashion, wealth, looks, it is a great loss for you because you are inspiring them to do unbeneficial things and a loss for them in terms of time, money and efforts.

But.. When people want to imitate the beneficial knowledge you have, the good deeds you do,the thoughts and ideas you have, it is beneficial to you because you are inspiring them to do good and to be better and it is beneficial for them because they are spending time, effort and money in beneficial things.

Be careful. Your actions can make a difference to the world.

You can make a difference!  Make sure your priorities are right.

Be humble

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. Humans err. None of us are perfect.

We have to keep striving to improve ourselves.

Every time we wrong someone intentionally or unintentionally we have to realise and become aware that we are wrong.
Yes, I made a mistake.

Get over the ego and apologise and don’t make the mistake intentionally again..

Ask Allah’s forgiveness and make a sincere effort to change the wrong and improve yourself.

That’s how we learn and become better.

That way we become compassionate towards others when they err, that is when we truly care for others and help them to change themselves, that way those who want to change, those who need help or advice come to us because they know you will not judge them rather you care and will give them sincere advise.

That way you become someone whom people trust and love and you become the agent of change.

Be extraordinary

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary by putting in that extra!

By putting in that extra energy, time, effort, practice, good and sincere intentions, seeking Allah’s Help,having a vision etc.

Do that and you will see that your thoughts, words and actions will be unique, more effective and successful, in sha Allah.

Lazy to think

It is indeed sad that many people are lazy to think. They prefer to use Google search for ideas or to ask a friend instead of using the brain and the intelligence Allah has blessed us with.

Be original. Be creative. Do something that has your unique touch and people should be able to say, “It must be her idea or work only ”

Believe me, make an effort to think, to reflect, to use your intelligence and come up with ideas to benefit mankind for the sake of Allah, to transform the society, the world whichever field you are in.

Leave your mark.

Don’t be ordinary. Be extraordinary!


Be someone whom everyone wants to meet with , work with, deal with. Be someone whom people will come to because they are down and want to be encouraged, motivated and inspired.
Be someone whom people will not hesitate to be with or to share their strengths and weaknesses.

Look up to be inspired.
Look around to inspire.


Don’t lower your standard to please the creation.

Raise your standard to please the Creator!

One of the best things someone can say about you: “I am definitely going to remember you! ”

Yes,leave behind a legacy. Make a positive difference to others lives. Let that be your unique touch. Write your name on the hearts of people.

Your life is your message to the world, Make it inspiring!

Remind yourself that yes you love your family, spouse, children and friends and humanity but you love Allah more.

Love Allah. Love for the sake of Allah.

That way you will be effective in making a positive difference in the lives of people and benefit them for the Sake of Allah, in sha Allah.

There are no doubt a lot of problems in the world.

Never mind. Work hard,seek the Help of Allah, be the change! Be the solution.

That way you start creating a small positive world around, where you lead by example and the ripple effect carries the change forward! In sha Allah!

No matter how huge the crowd is,if you have something that is unique, that is the truth, you will stand out.

Truth is powerful. Be confident. Be Muslim.

hijab is a choice that an individual makes to either choose to submit to the Creator or to fit in and follow the standard of the creations and self desires.

Hijab-when you wear it with sincere intentions and properly and regularly and confidently,it makes you a confident Muslim, who is confident about the truth Islam, w,who is proud to be an ambassador of this great religion that has the potential to transform the world and to transform yourself and others if you are sincere, knowledge and striving!

History repeats Truth shall prevail

Time and again this happens.

Truth is so strong and powerful that those who are on falsehood fear it and try to destroy it. They know that the truth has great potential and solutions to world problems.

How they fear the truth! If truth is not suppressed then how will they go about their evil ways? They know. They want to suppress the truth to go about doing the evil acts.

What is crazy and strange is that what should be suppressed -evil acts and things that will bring greater harm to human race are all glorified and allowed! Those are not suppressed because it will harm their bank balance, fame and power!

Double standards. Sad,really sad.

But don’t worry, history is a witness -truth prevailed. Incase we fail to understand the situations and results in the world, be not sad. The judges and the lawmakers and rulers of the world can bribe judges and people and criminals can escape!

But you know I really can’t stop admiring Islam and feeling good to be a Muslim. It has opened my eyes to the world and the reality of life. Justice will be given to every soul -who wronged others and who was wronged by others by Allah, the Just in the Hereafter.

Be patient my friends. Allah is Great, He will not let injustice happen to you.

Be strong and keep striving my brothers and sisters around the world.

And you know what these evil events do to us- they unite the ummah, they unite the people across all faiths who stand up for truth and justice. Through prayers or a message or opposition, we express our feelings.

Truth will be victorious. In sha Allah!

May Allah grant relief and victory to everyone who is oppressed and may Allah Guide those who oppress others. May Allah unite the people who uphold truth and justice!

Do good without return

Whenever you come across people who are sad or depressed, lift them up,cheer them up,encourage them. Motivate and inspire them. Remind them about the one true God!

If you are really concerned about humanity, you will overcome your ego, your fear that what will people think.
It will earn you respect in the long run,it will help you grow stronger and better, in sha Allah.

You may or may not be successful but be thankful to Allah that you could try. You could try to cheer up another even if your life is not perfect, even though you have your own problems in life and you trust Allah and know that with hardships comes relief,Allah will take care of everything, in sha Allah.

Be sincerely concerned about the welfare of the people, they may say things out of anger or depression or hurt or any reason. Don’t take it to your heart. Forgive them, you don’t know what they are going through. Kindness and compassion heals, in sha Allah! Never wasted.

And so what if people want harm for you or don’t care or return. You do what you are meant to do. You know Allah is watching, you know it is He who matters, you know it is He for whose sake you are trying and striving!  Your return and reward is with Him.

May Allah Guide us and keep us sincere. May Allah help us to inspire and motivate others and to benefit mankind for His Sake,.