Reflection while cooking

Reflections while cooking

Initially when I started cooking kebabs,it would look nice and tasty but it was tasteless because the spices didn’t seep in. Alhamdulillah with time, I have learnt to cook average and keep certain things in mind as told by mom. May Allah bless her.

1.When a person just talks about Islam,teaches and doesn’t walk the talk, his Dawah efforts may not really be that effective and also he doesn’t get real satisfaction and peace in life.

But when a person learns Islam, lives Islam and teaches Islam, he benefits himself and others in the Duniya and Akhirah.

2.A person might appear good ( deeds and looks)  but might not have a good heart. It might be superficial.

Such a person can do good but may not be that effective where results or success is concerned.

When you do things from within, sincerely it is beautiful. It will be effective in short or long run, in sha Allah.

3. Islam is not just memorising information and facts and stories to be able to impress people or for sharing knowledge for the sake of it. Islam is about learning and applying what we learn to our daily lives. It is about learning and reflection.

It is not just about attending a khutbah or an Islamic class once in a while,respecting and reading Qur’an for specific duration, covering head and dressing decently in a religious gatherings. No.

Islam is what you live in public and private places. When with people and when alone. Islam is what you live and practise everywhere irrespective of the places, time and people. It is a way of life.

4. Education today has become superficial. It is about learning and giving exams and a great competition to attain higher degrees irrespective of the quality and its ability to transform individuals and society gets wasted.

Sad. Doesn’t matter if you just hang out and waste time in school or college. Just there to have fun and pass exam, get good marks and promotions. Who cares about reflection and transformation. Boring stuff, ha?

Indeed” some students drink at the fountain of knowledge and others just gargle. ” Those who drink at the fountain of knowledge benefit themselves and others around them while those who gargle, so many resources wasted! 

The knowledge you gain in school and college should make you reflect and connect.

“Photosynthesis teaches about social change”is a simple example. Its not extraordinary, rather it is what should be, what education should do to us.

If only we know that we are created by Allah for a purpose, that this life is temporary, that everything in this world is a means of earning Paradise or Hell, that we have limited time on this Earth, in this world and that we are accountable for what we say and do, that you can deceive people but can’t deceive the Lord of the people, that you can bribe the police, the judges, the politicians but can’t bribe, the King of Kings, the Judges of Judges, Allah, the Greatest…

If only we knew the Haqq, the truth,our lives would be so much better, peaceful and happy, our efforts would be successful in the short or long run, every good news and bad news would bring consolation – gratitude and patience. We would then be role models for the society, for the world. We would be social reformers in every place we go and for every person we meet.

May Allah Guide us all and grant us the true understanding of His Deen. May Allah grant us beneficial Knowledge. May Allah make everything that He has blessed us with a means to invest in the Akhirah. Ameen


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