Be kind anyway

I sometimes see people-few Muslims reacting in certain ways -anger,hatred,frustration.

But we have to realise that :
We can only convey the message, it is Allah who guides. Be it for those we call hypocrite or disbelievers or for anyone who wishes harm for the Deen.

You know no benefit in those reactions.

Because if we react in anger we are only wasting time on negative emotions and effects. Curse might come to our minds or ill feeling.

Why let any negativity harbour in the soul of a Muslim?

Why not ignore and pray for everyones guidance? Pray for being a role model for humanity by working hard on ourselves by gaining knowledge that is beneficial to our Deen and Duniya and a source of transformation in the world,in sha Allah.

No point thinking bad of anyone no matter how evil they are. Let it be, Allah is Great and sufficient to deal with them.

We can only work hard and strive. Allah will see our efforts. Nothing else matters. Haters will hate islam. Lovers will love Islam. Allah’s Deen will be victorious anyway.

Be happy. Be confident as Muslims. Be the winds of change. Pray that Allah makes our efforts effective and successful.


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