Think big Muslimah

Stop staring at those magazines that makes your heart attached to unbeneficial things.

The heart longs for materialistic things and you become discontent and ungrateful to Allah. You start yearning for things that are unnecessary. Thoughts like “I wish I could wear that in the upcoming events. How smart it looks etc”

The yearning, the thoughts will come into your head. Don’t buy them or read them.

Buy what’s necessary and a need. Infact buy things that can earn you reward.

I will give examples. Mothers who read magazines and find a toy or game interesting for their kids. What if their intention is that my child will learn and grow better and this will help him become a better Muslim, in sha Allah or this game can be used in charity events and it can help raise funds for a good cause. Or if you buy a good book that I will read it to my child and then give it to a school or library so that more children can benefit from it.

Or if a girl or woman yearns for jewellery or clothes or shoes, what if your intention is that I am planning to spend say Rs.3000,if I can save some amount for a good cause and spend some on myself that would be better. That way I am happy and I can make others happy too, in sha Allah.

Why not think differently?  Why not think big?

We are Muslimahs,we have to think big. We have to have a vision, a sense of purpose. A woman has a great role to play. With Allah’s Help, she can transform generations, in sha Allah.

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