Talk in the language people understand

Talk in the language people understand and can relate to, if you want to make a difference.

Using difficult words, concepts, sophisticated language will make understanding difficult.

I realized this when I was in school and college. Some teachers tend to do that. Some students will admire her for the “stylish language “. Some will call it show off, some will make fun of her, some will look down upon her, some will ignore. Different reactions.

Now when I teach, I try to keep in mind while making the lesson plan how that topic can be related to the audience/age groups I will be addressing.

Example, Surah takathur in Burooj angels class,teaching Qamar 3 (8-12 year old children ) is different from teaching youth or adults.

The child has to get the essence of the Surah.

For this, you require authentic knowledge. Teachers need to study the most especially those teaching small children. Children can come up with intelligent questions and answering them, that will help you think, grow and gain knowledge. Great opportunity to learn and grow. Alhamdulillah.

I found Islamic online university, bachelors in islamic studies, a very helpful resource, Alhamdulillah in many ways.when I am writing or talking. Wonderful resource, ma sha Allah. Helps clarify concepts. Alhamdulillah.

Its not just about creating an impression on others or appearing and sounding stylish. Social change is about reaching and touching hearts. The content should be simple, sincere, straight from the heart. Keeping in mind the background of the people.
I have seen people so dressed up and talking in a sophisticated manner in charity events,orphanages. Doesn’t make sense. Those girls won’t listen to you. They will be distracted by your clothes and other things they don’t have. They will hesitate to talk and share problems.

To understand them, to help them, you have to get to their level. Things they understand, examples they can relate to.
That way they will love you, respect you. They will long for your company, to benefit from you. Most importantly they will be willing to learn from you. They will remember the things you said and did.

May Allah make us people who have sincere concern for others welfare and those who do good to earn the Pleasure of Allah, to invest in our Akhirah. Ameen


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