Children and nasheeds

In the last 9 Months I have observed something about children and nasheeds and I am sharing it here.

Since childhood we hear songs,we sing hymns in schools and children pick up that very fast.

These songs have lots of shirk or filthy words and its useless speech. Moreover,they are accompanied by music.

I was a music lover in the past, loved hearing and singing hymns or movie songs. May Allah forgive me for that.

It was a great long struggle, overcoming it in steps and with Allah’s Help and guidance I overcame. Alhamdulillah.

Just deleting it from mobile or computer isn’t enough. And if you say I will quit, it won’t happen. Seek Allah’s Help. Be determined. Keep trying.

Reduce the duration of singing and hearing,then replacement with nasheeds and then gradually hearing other beneficial talks and khutbahs,Qur’an recitation . There will be times when you will be tempted to hear and sing, you will control sometime and sometimes you will give in to the temptation.

This taught me something and that I began to apply when I started teaching in Burooj and school.

In Islamic schools too, I found the children singing songs, they didn’t understand the meaning but they enjoyed singing and dancing on them.
Nasheeds taught in school are either played on cd or lyrics are recited in a tune children don’t enjoy. It gets boring.

If you think children will stop singing if you tell them not to, that’s not easy. Replace with that which is better.

The nasheed are mostly taught by female teachers and they feel nervous or afraid to try.

I have been teaching nasheeds in the islamic school , burooj and orphanage, Alhamdulillah and I can see the change. Allah is Great.

*The parents of these children told me that they sing them at home and now don’t feel like singing songs.

*The children who would sing songs before others now sang Islamic Nasheed in english and Arabic and parents are so proud and happy. So are the children. Alhamdulillah.

(I still see a lot of people proud and happy when their children sing songs and dance. And I am sure you all have some idea of what I am talking about. May Allah Guide us all. )

* The nasheeds have to be taught in a way children will enjoy, pick up fast and easy to learn and sing.

*Believe me even in free time,free period or break time in school, it’s a pleasure believe me entering a class where you hear children singing nasheeds confidently and in chorus without any help or instructions.

And what’s more amazing is three year old children can sing full nasheeds.

Alhamdulillah, an experiment I did with help and guidance from Allah and its working out. No music involved anymore now that I know many the nasheeds.

* If there is or was any bad habit, utilise the experience,observation, techniques, methods involved used to do bad in doing good. Seek Allah’s Help.

*Voice is a gift from Allah. When people tell you, you have a great voice or you can sing so well, don’t let that get to your head. So much that you aspire to become the singer or singing in public platform for different reasons and mixed gatherings .

I read a great story in my Islamic online university, second semester English subject and there was this message too.

Use that gift to recite Qur’an beautifully,to instill the love of Qur’an in others , praising Allah,or for educational purposes (learning months of Islam).

You don’t have to hold the mike and go on a stage and show off your voice and other stuff ( we all know what female singers do and are upto).

You don’t have to be on stage to showcase or utilise your talents to get fame.

Utilise your talents for bringing about as much good as you can, keeping in mind laws set by Allah and His Messenger.

Be humble. Everything you have is a gift from Allah. Today you have it, tomorrow you may not have.

Thank Allah for every blessing, for every gift and pray to Him to help you utilise it to serve His Deen and to benefit people for His Sake. Ameen


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