Don’t worry about people’s opinion

There comes a time in your life when you no longer bother about people’s opinion of you. As long as you keep doing your best, as long as you are sincere to Allah, striving in His Path, seeking His Help to guide and help you.,as long as you don’t harm anyone intentionally and have no expectations from people . As long as you are trying to, striving to do all of the above. That’s it.

May Allah grant us that Eeman, peace, understanding and such circumstances.Ameen

No doubt, we are weak, we will make mistakes, give into desires and temptations but if the conscience nags you to ask for forgiveness, to repent, that will make all the difference, in sha Allah. It is a Mercy from Allah, Ar Rahman.

May Allah Guide us and keep us steadfast upon His Deen. May Allah protect us from all evils. Ameen


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