Social work with family

Involving family in social work has many benefits :

1.It increases love among family members. Spending time, contacting each other often. For me, I realised I was getting to spend more time with my grandparents, Alhamdulillah.

2. Different members have different talents and resources. How nice it would be if it can be utilised to serve the Deen of Allah. Some will have knowledge of shopping (buying things for relief!),transport (getting things delivered), cooking for fund raisers, reasoning, accounts, legal aspects of things,etc.

3. A means of earning reward for the one who takes the initiative. Why not you, fellow Muslim youth?

Dearest sisters and brothers, this is the time. Your youth.

This is the time to do lots of good to serve the Deen of Allah, to benefit mankind for the sake of Allah. To utilise your talents and resources, your life for Allah and His Deen.

Strive. Think of all the ways of doing good. Of earning reward, earning Jannah, earning the Pleasure of Allah.
Involve as many people as you can. Why do it alone if you can involve more people and get more reward?

Life will be beautiful, in sha Allah. May Allah make us youth with a vision and mission. Ameen.

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