Obsession or Love?

Obsession and Love should not be confused. Obsession hurts and Love heals. Obsession destroys and Love helps to grow better.

Young people are often confused between the two. Unfortunately the tv serials, movies, novels have made the hearts and minds like that.

Love is not love if before marriage-just in school, college, internet, workplace etc. Love is something that develops and grows over years of marriage. By going through ups and downs of this journey of life together.

Think and choose wisely, seeking Allah’s Help. It’s not about impulse, gut feeling, hormonal reactions.

It’s something deep and needs to be halal. The romantic moments will come and go and at some point, it will be all boring. If its love, it will remain.. The respect, trust, compassion, forgiveness.

Pray and Wait for Allah to send the right person along. Not just anyone or everyone.

Dear youth,
Think again!  Is it Obsession or Love?


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