Don’t compare

Don’t degrade or insult yourself by comparing yourself to the women around you.

Good or bad. Don’t compare.

It will not help. It will make you more miserable.

You are a slave of Allah, unique in your own way. You have a role to play that is unique. Utilise everything Allah has blessed you with to serve His Deen,to benefit mankind for the sake of Allah. Keep learning and improving yourself for the better.

Be who you are as long as you are not doing anything that is haram. Make Islam, Allah’s Deen, a priority in your life. Keep striving and pray to Allah to keep you steadfast.


Be better each day

Don’t compete with others.

Compete with yourself.

Seek to improve yourself each hour, each day, each month, each year.. With Allah’s Help.

If you could not control your anger one day,try your best to control it a little more the next day.

If you could not stop yourself from listening to a song or watching a movie one day, try and reduce the time the next few days and stop watching eventually.

Be better each hour, day,month, year. Better than what you were the hour, day,month or year before.

Social work with family

Involving family in social work has many benefits :

1.It increases love among family members. Spending time, contacting each other often. For me, I realised I was getting to spend more time with my grandparents, Alhamdulillah.

2. Different members have different talents and resources. How nice it would be if it can be utilised to serve the Deen of Allah. Some will have knowledge of shopping (buying things for relief!),transport (getting things delivered), cooking for fund raisers, reasoning, accounts, legal aspects of things,etc.

3. A means of earning reward for the one who takes the initiative. Why not you, fellow Muslim youth?

Dearest sisters and brothers, this is the time. Your youth.

This is the time to do lots of good to serve the Deen of Allah, to benefit mankind for the sake of Allah. To utilise your talents and resources, your life for Allah and His Deen.

Strive. Think of all the ways of doing good. Of earning reward, earning Jannah, earning the Pleasure of Allah.
Involve as many people as you can. Why do it alone if you can involve more people and get more reward?

Life will be beautiful, in sha Allah. May Allah make us youth with a vision and mission. Ameen.

Your child, your Dawah

The best Dawah, your best contribution to the world is your child.

And you can’t give an excuse. You can influence it, you can improve it, you can make a difference.

The upbringing, the qualities you instilled,the security, support, encouragement, confidence, everything will reflect on the children’s personality and character throughout their lives , in their dealings with people and situations.

If you have been sincere, determined, working hard and seeking Allah’s Help.. Then places, people, situations won’t matter.

Your child will stand out and make a difference, he will become the winds of change wherever he goes and touch lives of whoever he meets,in sha Allah!

Obsession or Love?

Obsession and Love should not be confused. Obsession hurts and Love heals. Obsession destroys and Love helps to grow better.

Young people are often confused between the two. Unfortunately the tv serials, movies, novels have made the hearts and minds like that.

Love is not love if before marriage-just in school, college, internet, workplace etc. Love is something that develops and grows over years of marriage. By going through ups and downs of this journey of life together.

Think and choose wisely, seeking Allah’s Help. It’s not about impulse, gut feeling, hormonal reactions.

It’s something deep and needs to be halal. The romantic moments will come and go and at some point, it will be all boring. If its love, it will remain.. The respect, trust, compassion, forgiveness.

Pray and Wait for Allah to send the right person along. Not just anyone or everyone.

Dear youth,
Think again!  Is it Obsession or Love?

Complaints of girls

I often hear girls complaining.
Men think they can get away with anything and everything. At times even the society supports them when they are wrong.

But you know what. Allah, the Lord of mankind, jinns and all that exists knows. He knows what the hearts reveal and conceal.

A person can get away and escape the sight and knowledge of people, the creations. But he can’t escape the Creator, Allah, the Greatest.

Fear Allah. You can’t escape Him and His punishments if you don’t change your ways.

Allah is Just. Allahu Akbar.

Dua for single Muslim youth

Dua for single Muslim youth

I pray that Allah grants young practising Muslims who have a vision and a mission,with spouses that will help them fulfill their dreams and goals of serving the Deen of Allah with all they have and to bring change together. In sha Allah.

Together they can change, influence and inspire many and reform societies and the people around them, in sha Allah.